Light Fairytale Episode 1 Xbox One Release Date Confirmed, PS4 Version Coming Soon After

A PlayStation 4 version will be following suit. confirms the Xbox One release of Light Fairytale Episode 1 on September 13. confirms the Xbox One release of Light Fairytale Episode 1 on September 13.

The turn-based JRPG Light Fairytale Episode 1 will soon get an Xbox One release. According to developer, it will have a September 13 launch, with a PlayStation 4 version to come in the following months.

Released initially for the PC via Steam Early Access, Light Fairytale Episode 1 follows the story of a once prosperous world. Due to the advancement of science and technology, people lived in great pleasure and casual excess. This comfort that they thrived in, however, proved to be their undoing when the world they were living in was destroyed in an instant. Destitute and hopeless, the civilization’s remaining survivors have fled to the only place in the planet where life is still possible – underground. There they stayed, and there they survived.

Thousands of years later, the memory of their life on the surface has been forgotten. However, a young boy named Haru wakes up one day with dreams of vast green plains and a clear blue void. This leads him on an adventure to discover what he actually saw in his dreams, and find out the mysteries of their once prosperous world, all with the help of a mysterious silver haired girl.

Light Fairytale Episode 1 follows the adventure of Haru, a lazy and naïve boy blessed with a kind soul. He will be accompanied by Kuroko, a short and cute silver-haired girl that is capable in combat. Together, they discover the secrets that lie in their civilization’s past whilst confronting the dystopic underground rulers of their present.

Light Fairytale Episode 1 received its full release earlier this year (May 13) and has since received three patches on PC. Currently, it holds a “Very Positive” Rating on its Steam page, with most praise directed towards its gorgeous artstyle and storytelling, and with points docked off for its quite short duration.

For those whose interests are piqued by this indie JRPG, the game will release for the Xbox One on September 13. Pre-orders are currently available on the Microsoft Store for a discounted price of $7.49. A PS4 release is in development and should arrive in the next few months. Light Fairytale Episode 2 is expected to come later this year, according to

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