Life Is Strange 2 Episode 3 Launch Trailer Released

Continuing the story of the Diaz brothers.
The launch trailer for the third episode of Life is Strange 2 has dropped.
The launch trailer for the third episode of Life is Strange 2 has dropped. DONTNOD

Some spoilers for Life is Strange 2 ahead.

DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix has dropped an official trailer for Life is Strange 2 Episode 3. I am personally very excited about the award-winning continuation of the Life is Strange series.

The third-person graphic adventure game was nominated for several awards in 2018, and even won the ‘Special Jury Prize’ during the Ping Awards. Although some players might have expected the story to continue with the first game's star, Max Caulfield, Life is Strange 2 introduced new main characters Sean and Daniel Diaz. If Max had the power to rewind time, Daniel Diaz has telekinesis. However, this time, you won’t be playing the role of the special character. Instead, you take control of his older brother, Sean.

The game is set three years after the first season of Life is Strange. The first two episodes, ‘Roads’ and ‘Rules’, told the story of the Diaz brothers, who have lost their father and had no choice but to leave their house in fear after the occurrence of supernatural events that took the life of one policeman. The duo then decided to head over to Puerto Lobos in Mexico, their father’s hometown. Later on, they found out that Daniel has telekinesis and Sean started to help him learn how to control it as they continued their journey.

The trailer for the third episode, entitled ‘Wasteland,’ gives us a taste of the conflicts and drama that are about to unravel. The Diaz brothers are still headed towards the same direction, to Puerto Lobos. They are now in California and have ran into a group of misfits. The two of them are left with no choice but to dabble into illegal and dangerous marijuana trades just to earn enough money for their trip.

The brothers start to grow distant as they grew closer to other people. It appears that Daniel doesn’t want his older brother to control him anymore. They are not the only ones who are in chaos though, tensions are starting to rise for other characters around them as well.

Life is Strange Season 2 – Episode 3 is out now. The whole bundle, which includes all five episodes, is now available in PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox one for $39.99. The final two episodes will release later this year.

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