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Library of Ruina developer, ProjectMoon, recently released Update that fixed bugs and made some improvements to various game elements.

Many prominent changes were applied on the combat page. Developers lowered the speed requirement for Flashing Strike from seven to six, while they increased the minimum value of the first die by one for Flow of the Sword. They also improved the dice values for Devastating Thrash and changed the type of the second die to Blunt, which was done as well on the die type of Upstanding Slash. Check out the other details below:

Library of Ruina Update

Additions and Adjustments

  • Added 6 General Invitations
  • Made Adjustments to the Manual
  • Added a Tutorial
  • Rebalanced and Reworked certain Abnormality pages
  • More Balance Adjustments for Combat pages:
    • Forward March: Raised the max. value of the second die by 1
    • Level Slash: Changed dice type to Slash
    • Opening Ceremony: Added a Block die
  • Added and Adjusted Audiovisual Effects:
    • Added effects for certain Abnormality pages
    • Added effects for status ailments (Burn, Erosion, Fairy, Bleed, and Aroma)
    • Improved effects for E.G.O pages:
      • Floor of History: All E.G.O pages
      • Floor of Technological Sciences: Harmony
  • Made UI Improvements
    • It is now possible to set titles for Patron Librarians
    • Adjusted the scroll speed for the Combat page list
    • Other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

Abnormality battles on the Floor of History

  • Realization Battle
  • Fixed an issue where the ability of the Combat page 'Green Stems' activated all on one character

Abnormality battles on the Floor of Literature

  • Today's Shy Look
    • Adjusted the ability of the Combat page 'Shyness' to fit the description
  • Red Shoes
    • Adjusted the ability of the Combat page 'Obsession' to fit the description
  • Spider Bud
    • Fixed an issue where the target prioritization of the passive ability 'Track' did not function properly
  • Realization Battle
    • Fixed an issue where Black Swan would not use the Combat page 'Vomit'
    • Adjusted the description of the Combat page 'Shriek of Broken Dreams' used by Black Swan
    • Fixed an issue where Laetitia's ranged attack pose was not being displayed properly
    • Changed the activation condition of the ability of the Block dice on the Combat page 'Thin Webbing' used by the Spiderlings from [On Hit] to [On Clash Win]
  • Fixed an issue where Kali would be stuck in the Staggered pose if she entered phase 2 while Staggered during the reception of the Red Mist
  • Fixed an issue where using the E.G.O page 'Frost Splinter' on the Floor of General Works would display the effects in the opposite direction

You can read more about the update here.

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