Library Of Ruina 1.0.0.j Patch Fixes UI Issues, Adds New Visual Indication

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Developer Project Moon recently rolled out a hotfix for Library Of Ruina which fixes multiple bugs and adds new gameplay changes. Project Moon addressed some annoying bugs which were common throughout the community, such as the camera glitch where you stay zoomed in and you can’t zoom out.

Some issues with UI, filters, and general invitations not sending properly were also fixed. Project Moon also made quite a few gameplay changes, such as increasing the value of the roll for enhancing dice and a new visual indicator for the mouse when you hover over a broken die.

Library of Ruina 1.0.0.j Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

You can get the next book when you clear the episode battle.

  • Book of Distortion- Obtained when you clear Zwei episode 2
  • The Book of Lobotomy Corporation - Obtained when you clear Zwei Episode 3

1. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes stay zoomed in with no way to zoom out.
  • Fixed an issue where two characters would continuously move in the same direction while engaging.
  • Fixed an issue where some effects would persist after the battle ends.
  • Fixed an issue where some Key pages would display the wrong appearance.
  • Fixed an issue where the assignment "Check the third episode of Yesod's story" would not be cleared even after fulfilling the condition.
  • Fixed an issue with card cost-related Assignments in the Floor of Literatrue.
  • Fixed an issue where a new episode of Malkuth's story wasn't being unlocked even after the Floor of History reached level 4.
  • Fixed an issue with the UI after leveling up floors.
  • Fixed an issue where filters did not function in the book list.
  • Fixed an issue where General Invitations couldn't be sent properly.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

2. Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted the overall balance of Combat pages.
  • Changed the effect of "Enhance Dice" to fit the current system: "Increases the maximum value of the roll by 3."
  • Changed the effect of "Weaken Dice" to fit the current system: "Decreases the maximum value of the roll by 3."
  • Certain Key pages now have the passive ability to gain additional Speed dice slots.
  • Changed the timing when General Invitations are unlocked.
  • Added a visual indicator when hovering the mouse over a broken die.
  • Added a range display for the expected impact of the current action during engagement.
  • Improved the Invitation UI.
  • Tweaked the Invitation so that you cannot place more than one copies of the same book at once.
  • Removed the "Sort Books" function.
  • The language selection screen will not display more than one time on startup.
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