Lemnis Gate Conducting Beta Test for Limited Period

Get the chance to try out the game.
Get the chance to try out the game. Frontier

If you’re one of those wanting to try Lemnis Gate, then this should be good news. A beta test from July 22 to July 26 is available on PC. This may just be a five-day event but it’s going to be the first time that players can experience this exciting turn-based strategy shooter.

To give players a true taste of what the game can offer, the beta features four maps along with two game modes. One of the modes is known as Retrieve XM and it takes place on the Quarry and Tectonic maps. The term XM stands for Exotic Matter, and in this game, those with the most XM before the timer reaches zero win. The second mode is Domination. Played in the Arbor and Chimera maps, players need to outsmart enemies to control most of the territory.

Regardless of what modes players want to try, they can use all the seven Operatives. As of this moment though only five have been revealed and this are:

  • Ruolan Fang (Toxin)
  • Julio Cruz (Striker)
  • Taara Gailani (Vendetta)
  • Roksana Ulvich (Kapitan)
  • Model KR–L95 (KARL)

Besides the early access, players have the chance to unlock exclusive operative and weapon skins only available in the beta. Any skins unlocked, however, can be only carried over to the full game once it’s launched.

Developer Diary

In addition to the beta announcement, developer Frontier Foundry also gave everyone a look into its latest developer diary with Game Director James Anderson and 3D Artist Corey Kasperski. One of the things the two discussed was the innovative 25-second time loop mechanic. On top of the four game modes, there are also different match types where players can test their skill. There’s 1v1 for those who think they’re the best. Those who prefer some team play can have the 2v2 match.

If you’re interested, you can now preorder the game here. Those who preorder can get the exclusive “Mettle Mantis” operative and weapon skin for KARL. Preordering also gives you a 20% discount on the price of the full game. Lemnis Gate launches August 3.

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