Sorry but Lego Uncharted Set Isn't Real

Sorry, no such thing.
Sorry, no such thing. Sony Interactive

The Uncharted film is set to be released next month. There's no question that there's a lot of hype not only for the film but also the games. The excitement from fans went up a bit further when it was reported a few days back that a Lego set may be arriving soon for Uncharted.

The bad news is that the rumor is false. It was started by Jay Ong, who's part of the Lego Ambassador Network.

In a post, Jay revealed that he started the rumor "for science" and that he was always fascinated with #legoleaks. In particular, he had always wondered how and where these rumors and leaks come from. Jay went on to say that 90% of the time, it's usually because someone was given access or managed to look at sources like physical catalogs or online portals. For the remaining 10%, there was the notion that it could only come from Lego itself.

So why choose a Lego set for a rumor? According to Jay, with a movie coming out along with a remaster for the PlayStation 5, a release of a Lego set was entirely believable. Of course, he also had to confirm that no such product is being planned at Lego.

To release the leak, he created an anonymous Instagram account and sent messages to some of those looking at #legoleaks. Eventually, one took the bait, and that gave the story the much-needed "break."

So what did Jay learn from this so-called experiment? For one, it's easy to start a Lego rumor and it helps that some sites publish anything with a rumor label. To be fair, Jay did share that there were sites that wanted proof especially since the "news" came from an anonymous Instagram account.

How did fans react though? Going over the various comments on his post, it seems the reaction has been mixed. Some of them were amused at what Jay did though there were others who weren't happy with it.

If anything, what it did prove was that Lego needs to consider and come up with a set for Uncharted. The demand is there so it wouldn’t be that hard to market.

What about you? What did you think of Jay’s “experiment?”

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