Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3: Caity Lotz Ships ‘Avalance’ Too

Avalance is the Femslash ship between Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe from Legends of Tomorrow.
Avalance is the Femslash ship between Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe from Legends of Tomorrow. CW

Alex Danvers and Sara Lance’s hookup was perhaps one of the most predictable moments of the “Crisis On Earth X” crossover. Fresh from a break-up with Maggie Sawyer, Alex bonds with Sara over a few stiff pours of scotch. The two swiftly make their Irish exit from the West-Allen rehearsal dinner before Joe can even give his congratulatory speech.


While it felt forced at first, Sara and Alex’s first meeting served more purpose than bringing the only queer women on Legends and Supergirl together for a one-night stand. The writers found deeper meaning in having these complex characters bond over their protective relationships with their sisters, Black Canary and Supergirl. Sara, who lost her sister Laurel in one of the Arrowverse’s most traumatic deaths, comforted Alex when Supergirl was kidnapped by the Earth-X Nazis. They emotionally connect over still being in love with their exes, Nyssa Al Ghul and Maggie. In the end, Sara travels back to another time and Alex to another Earth, but that encounter makes a serious impact on both characters.

“I think this season Sara is kind of trying to settle down a little bit, just like Alex said to her, ‘There's somebody out there for you too, even more than one night,’” Caity Lotz told Player.One at DC In DC.


While some fans are still stuck on the prospect of Sara and Alex, dubbed ‘Agent Canary’ or ‘Salex’ by shippers, Lotz thinks fans should be shipping a different relationship: Ava Sharpe.

“Avalance, thats the new ship name for it. Use it,” Lotz said. “There’s definitely something happening there.”


Sharpe, an agent of the Time Bureau, was introduced in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 premiere, “Aruba-Con.” Numerous interactions tease a future between her and Sara. Ava only recently admitted she’s not seeking a husband, and Sara has shown quite an interest ever since. While they didn’t start on amicable terms, disagreeing about the best time travel practices, the two have developed a strong friendship and mutual respect for each other’s leadership.


It will be interesting to see how the Avalance relationship develops, considering all the changes happening on Legends of Tomorrow when the series returns Feb. 12. Constantine comes back to help with an exorcism, Kid Flash joins the team and Rip Hunter makes a guest appearance. Not to mention the Earth-X version of Captain Cold is chilling on the Waverider for the time being, Firestorm is gone…..there’s just a lot going on. Do you think all these moving parts will bring Sara and Ava together? Let us know in the comments below.

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