The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Patch v1.4.2 Features Improved Water Rendering, Auto Text Advance

Patch v1.4.2
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The 2D turn-based strategy RPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero got an update recently that you might want to check out. Patch v1.4.2 added some cool new features, including improved water rendering, as well as the ability to advance in-game text without user intervention.

The bodies of water in Trails from Zero now look pretty neat, thanks to better water rendering featured in Patch v1.4.2. Players will find that the water now has distorted reflections making it more realistic.

Additionally, players who were clamoring for a way to advance the in-game text without user input will be happy to know that there’s now a feature like that: Auto Text Advance! Do keep in mind that while this feature keeps most of the dialogue moving without intervention, there are some in-game events that still require players to press the button to proceed.

Some fixes have also been implemented to improve map geometry. This is mainly to help those who are playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero on ultrawide monitors not come across weird or jagged edges.

Patch Notes

  • Check and trigger achievements on loading saves. This means that if you e.g. import a save from a playthrough of a different version of the game, applicable achievements will now trigger. (Note: this mostly applies to collection-type achievements)
  • Resolved an issue that could cause portraits not to be displayed in very specific circumstances.
  • Implement a number of English localization fixes.
  • Improve font rendering performance by avoiding unneeded copies and temporary textures. This might be noticeable on slower systems when a lot of text is displayed.
  • Map geometry fixes on many maps, and some map collision fixes. Some of these are specific to ultra-wide monitors, but others are visible in 16:9 as well.
  • Show the correct button prompt in the detective notebook for "Details."
  • Add mouse support for the casino exchange menu.
  • Made direct camp menu save button prompt clickable.
  • Check whether detective rank is in a valid range when loading saves.
  • Fixed crash when failing to delete saves.
  • Allow cancellation of dialogs in the settings menu with the back button.
  • Always apply framerate limit, even when VSync is enabled (or forced off). This is to prevent issues when VSync is off globally.
  • Fixed an issue where battle character outlines could flicker with high FPS.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Patch v1.4.2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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