LEAP June 30 Update: Weapon Changes and Bug Fixes

LEAP 30 June Update
LEAP 30 June Update Steam

LEAP recently received a new update that brought weapon changes and bug fixes. These changes may not be final because the game is still in early access and continuously being developed.

M7 Tactical Changes

In this update, the M7 Tactical received the most number of changes. Starting with the weapon’s rate of fire now decreased from 1.0 to 0.75, which means players have to be more precise. The damage per shot is also decreased from 10 to 9. You might want to check better alternatives after these nerfs.

The reload speed, however, has increased from 0.45 to 0.75, which should help players counterfire during sticky situations.


You can finally check the server name/number displayed on the Leaderboards to keep track of it. Just hold Tab in-game to display the server details on the bottom left.

LEAP June 30 Update

Weapons and Abilities
  • Deadeye vertical recoil reduction: 25 > 15
  • Burst AR tight-aim spread multiplier decrease: 0.75 > 0.45
  • Fixed pre-match spawning issue on Red Rock - Team Annihilation small
  • Fixed gameplay affecting mesh hole in Haze
  • Improved performance and gameplay consistency across Special Operations maps
  • Fixed terrain issue and mesh hole in Cataclysm
  • Added the Special Operations refill station to the radar
  • Changed Special Operations artifact objective icons
  • Fixed a bug where weapons could ignore their rate of fire if you quick-swapped between them while holding the trigger
  • Fixed a bug where quick-swapping while firing could lock out weapons, making it so players wouldn’t be able to equip the locked weapon again until the next respawn
  • Fixed a bug where players could exploit quick-swapping to leave their weapons out of sync with the server, making it so that they could be instantly reloaded, or having individual reloads (shotgun shells) reload way faster than they should
  • Fixed an issue with out-of-sync reloads, that would leave your weapon with no ammo permanently and failing to reload
  • Fixed a bug where abilities could be exploited to not consume their cooldowns
  • Fixed a bug where players could use their ultimates without starting their cooldowns due to some internal weapon state issue that would leave the ultimates permanently equipped on the server
  • Fixed a few bugs that could lead charged abilities and weapons to fail but still start their cooldowns

You can read more about the update here.

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