Leaks Suggest New Batman Game Will Be A Soft Reboot Of The Franchise

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If you are a Batman fan then there is some good news for you. According to reddit user misterblum2020, a new Batman game is going to be revealed in a couple of months. The new game will act as a soft reboot for the Arkham franchise, which ended with Arkham Knight. Honestly, this seems like a smart choice, as it would have been difficult to make another sequel given how Arkham Knight ended.

Warner Bros. was supposed to reveal the game during E3 2020. However, thanks to the on-going coronavirus outbreak, E3 2020 was canceled. This put a stop to those plans. Now, WB has decided to go ahead and reveal the game in June anyway, as that is when E3 was supposed to take place. Rumors also suggest that the Batman game is supposed to launch this year. Do keep in mind that all of these are just rumors and have not been confirmed.

“Announcement is still coming in June or MAYBE sooner," the reddit post reads. "When it comes to Rocksteady and Harry Potter I don’t know what the case is now but Batman is WB’s next big “internal” release (not counting cyberpunk) It has to release this year and it has to be announced in June.”

Wait, there is more news. According to a Twitter post by James Sigfield, Arkham series developer Rocksteady was also planning to develop a new Superman game. The game was pitched to Warner Bros. but unfortunately, that never came to fruition. The Superman game would have adopted the same destruction technology used in Arkham Knight. It makes sense as Arkham Knight also had several Superman-related easter eggs hidden all over the game. The most famous one was a voicemail from Lex Luther (sworn enemy of Superman) where the city of Metropolis and the Man of Steel himself are referenced.

Honestly, I would have preferred a Superman game as we haven't experienced a game like that in what has felt like forever. Until a new Superman game is announced, you can spend your time in a lookalike game called Undefeated. The game is free on Steam and has received a positive reception from fans.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the new Batman game? Or do you want a Superman game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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