'League of Legends': Yellowstar Leaves TSM, Rejoins Fnatic

merci yellowstar
Yellowstar, now formerly of TSM Fnatic

After much speculation, we finally know that Yellowstar has left TSM and rejoined Fnatic. After leaving the European team with which he took six LCS finals victories, he joined the famous North American eSports franchise Team Solo Mid, as their support. At first things seemed kind of shaky on TSM, with the team not meshing very well and making obvious mistakes. In the end though, they turned it around, beating the nearly undefeated Immortals in the NA LCS Spring Split finals 3-0.

TSM announced their support tryouts a few weeks ago, and announced on May 1 that they were trying out Biofrost, a Challenger scene support, in Korea to fill their support spot. This raised speculation as to the fate of Yellowstar, raising concerns that this might be the end of his historic career.

In a statement, TSM said: “Initially, we brought Yellowstar on to help fix shotcalling issues within the team, but it very quickly became apparent that his playstyle as a support was something that did not mesh properly with the team. Despite making large strides that culminated in a second place finish at the NA LCS playoffs, we were approached by Yellowstar who expressed his desire to return to Europe.“

Yellowstar will forever be one of the best supports in the history of League of Legends. His shot calling helped Fnatic go 18-0 in the 2015 EU Spring Split, the first time that such a winning streak lhas ever happened.

Good luck Yellowstar, North America will miss you.

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