'League of Legends' Urgot 2017 Rework: How The Headsman's Pride Can Be Saved


Riot Games has reworked most of the game’s earlier champions, to bring them up to date with the rest of the game. Sion, Poppy, Warwick, Ryze (multiple times), Kassadin and now Galio have all gone through massive transformations. Some of these models dated back as far as 2011, and their polygonal edges combined with poor color palette choice made them stick out like sore thumbs on Cho'gath. Almost every older champion who has needed a tune-up has gotten a Visual Update and rework, except for one fat body on four robot legs named Urgot.

Urgot is the red-headed stepchild of League Of Legends , a hero whose  grotesque, ugly and no fun to play. Now that Riot is cleaning house and reworking the Noxian crab monster, here’s what I want out of an Urgot rework.

Urgot Rework: The Ranged Tank

What Is Urgot’s Identity?- I want Urgot to do more than tag enemies with a grenade and poke them with knives forever. If I had my way, Urgot would be a tank with ranged poke, a champion who can stand on the front line and poke enemies before they try to attack or trade. He needs to feel like he’s doing damage, swapping places with an enemy to get in the middle of a fight and then wrecking anyone who focuses him instead of his teammates.

Urgot’s Basic Attacks Are His Current Q- League Of Legends has never had a champion with auto attacks that don’t automatically hit the target, so why not try that? Make his knives no longer cost mana and allow him to hammer away at foes. You can even leave in the grenade in his kit, increasing the damage and range of course, and allow that to lock onto an enemy.  

Shield Grants Damage Reduction And crowd Control- Right now, Urgot has a hard time staying in the middle of a fight and dealing damage. If you want to stick the enemy Varus full of needles, you are going to have to get through that nasty Nautilus first. The last two reworks, Warwick and Galio, each had a shield or damage reduction ability that immobilized enemies, allowing them to dive in and control the fight. Something like this would benefit Urgot tremendously, allowing him to get close to an enemy without needing to back

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser Needs To Have An Impact- Right now, if you change places with an enemy with Urgot’s ultimate, you just end up in the middle of four people who promptly kill you. What if, Urgot feared everyone away from the center of where he was teleporting, allowing him to break up the front line or kill a squishy mage or marksman. There needs to be an impact when you use an ultimate, that best-case scenario gets a pick and worst-case loses you a teamfight.

What do you want from Urgot’s rework? Tell us in the comments.

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