League of Legends Update 12.22: Champion Buffs for Cho’Gath and Lillia

League of Legends Update 12.22
League of Legends Update 12.22 Riot Games

Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, buffs two champions: Cho’Gath and Lillia. These buffs should keep these champions strong in the upcoming meta with all the jungle changes and item introductions.


Smite received a buff this update, and so did Cho’Gath’s ultimate. That’s right, developers buffed Cho’Gath’s damage dealt to non-champions to keep it on par with the summoner spell. So, you have to keep an eye when taking down objectives with HP bars because a steal potential is real.

Feast (R)

  • Damage to Non-Champions: From 1,000 (+50% AP) (+10% Bonus HP) to 1,200(+50% AP) (+10% Bonus HP)

Cho’Gath’s ultimate is amazing because of the health increase Cho receives after feasting. The 200 base damage increase should make it a pain for junglers to deal with.


Lillia will be considered a melee champion from this patch onwards, which should be a buff in most situations, especially if you are running Conqueror rune that you can stack much faster. The champion received both a buff and a nerf, which you can check out below.

Base Stats

  • Attacks: From Ranged to Melee

  • Base Health: From 625 to 605

  • Health Growth: From 104 to 105

Lillia’s base health drop by 20 can make her early jungling phase slightly harder, but her health growth is a little bit buffed to help her scale for the late game.

Dream-Laden Bough (Passive)

  • Healing vs. Champions: From 10.5-124.5 (based on level) (+18% AP) (Note: linear scaling) to 6-120 (based on level) (+18% AP) (Note: now uses stat growth multiplier)

Her passive’s healing aspect is reduced with stat growth multiplier likely because she’s now a melee champion.

Rakan also received a similar change to Lillia. He is now considered as a melee champion, but this isn’t a big enough change to be treated as a buff or nerf at present.

Aside from Cho’Gath and Lillia, Nunu also received a buff and its details can be found at the official site of League of Legends.

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