'League Of Legends': TSM Doublelift Taking A Break From LCS, Maybe Retiring

tsm doubelift
Doublelift might be leaving the LCS for good, say it ain't so YouTube

Doublelift, Team SoloMid’s ADC and North America’s pride and joy, is taking a break from League Of Legends . In a video on the TSM YouTube page, Yiliang Peter “Doublelift” Yang announced that he will be taking a break from competitive play, at least for the 2017 LCS Spring Split. Doublelift said: “for the next six months, I plan to keep my skills up and even improve them, through massive amounts of solo queue.”

Losing at the Group Stages of the League of Legends World Championship really did a number on Doublelift. He believes that the reason TSM couldn’t make it out was because he played poorly and cost his team dearly. In the video, we see a glimpse into the player room after TSM got eliminated. Bjergsen is crying and everyone just looks defeated. After that loss, Doublelift decided he needed some time to figure his life out and try being a full-time streamer.

The League community will desperately miss Doublelift. He singlehandedly lifted the level of play -- and, of course, trash talk -- to unprecedented levels. One of the oldest players in the pro scene, Doublelift started out on Counter Logic Gaming, showing what a skilled player can carry a game in competitive, especially on Vayne. After four years on the team, DL switched to TSM, a move that shocked every fan to their core. Leading TSM, Doublelift helped his team win the 2016 NA Summer Split and showed an awe-inspiring performance at Worlds.

You will be missed Doublelift, but know that your place in the hearts of fans will never go away. I hope you find what you are looking for and come back to stomping teams in the LCS as soon as possible.

In honor of Doublelift’s legacy, here’s my favorite video.

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