'League Of Legends' Practice Tool Guide: Everything You Can Do In Sandbox Mode

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LoL Practice Tool in motion Grynar

The most anticipated mode in League of Legends since URF is finally here: sandbox mode, or as Riot calls it, the Practice Tool. I’ve been playing around with it on the PTR and figured out how to get the most out of League’s newest function. In order to access this new tool, you have to download the new Legacy client, it won’t work on the older version. Go to Training and click Practice Tool.

Right now, you can’t have other people in this game mode. It doesn’t look like this is going to change once the tool goes live, which is disappointing. I was looking forward to dueling my friends with a 9000 AP Veigar, but the best I can do with the Practice Tool is set up a bunch of dummies.  

The dummies, which are the only new assets in the Practice Tool, record your DPS, how much damage each attack does and how much damage you want to do overall. The dummies have 100 armor and 100 magic resist, so all the damage you do to the dummies isn’t how much damage you will do in-game. I’ve been using this to practice my burst on Annie, because I want to make sure that nobody can escape my level six Tibbers burst.

There are two total pages of options, which can be cycled through by clicking the arrow. Here are all the functions you can currently do with LoL’s Practice Tool:

  • Auto-refresh cooldowns

  • Auto-refresh HP

  • Auto-refresh mana/energy

  • Add gold (gives 10,000 gold)

  • Level up

  • Lock XP level (locks your current EXP level)

  • Teleport to Cursor (can be on minimap or in game)

  • Revive

  • Toggle Towers Invincible

  • Toggle Tower Fire

  • Toggle Minion Spawn

  • Fast Forward 30 seconds

  • Reset game

  • Spawn enemy dummy

  • Spawn allied dummy

  • Clear target dummies

  • Spawn Jungle Camps

  • Spawn Jungle Plants

  • Spawn Cloud Drake

  • Spawn Mountain Drake

  • Spawn Infernal Drake

  • Spawn Ocean Drake

  • Spawn Elder Drake

There’s no exact date when the Practice Tool is going to go live, but expect to be able to play with unlimited power somewhere in the next few weeks. Keep in mind that the Practice Tool might change a bit before it goes live, that is what the PBE is for after all.

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