League Of Legends Players Sets Two World Records After 30-Hour Gaming Marathon

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Hecaterina 'Kinumi Cati' Eglise breaks two world-records for with an impressive 30-hour League marathon.
Hecaterina 'Kinumi Cati' Eglise breaks two world-records for with an impressive 30-hour League marathon. Riot Games

Competitive gamer Hecaterina Eglise, better known by her in-game handle "Kinumi Cati", has just set two world records after a 30-hour marathon playing League of Legends. The records she broke: longest videogame marathon on a MOBA game, and longest videogame marathon on League of Legends.

Announced in a press release earlier this week, the world record was achieved at an event in Delft, Netherlands, at the Hotel Shanghai. The 30-hour-long League of Legends marathon was conducted in the presence of two professional world-record witnesses as well as several other viewers who got to see history be made as Eglise set two world records.

No stranger to tests of endurance, Eglise has previously won numerous other "marathon" world records, including 'Longest videogame marathon on an MMORPG'. Eglise is well known in this category of gaming-related world records, and has been since her domination of the Gamer's Edition of the Guiness Book of World Records back in 2015. Other records she holds includes 'Longest videogame marathon on World of Warcraft', the world records for longest marathon playing JRPGs, playing Final Fantasy, and more.

As if the 30-hour League of Legends session wasn't impressive enough, League servers went into unexpected maintenance during Eglise's attempt, cutting her record much shorter than it could have been. In any case, for her 30-hour session playing League of Legends, Eglise broke two world records simultaneously. With several other videogame marathon-related world records credited to Eglise, she may be in the running for the world record for achieving the most videogame marathon-related world records.

And apparently, video game marathons aren't the only thing she's good at. According to Invision Game Community UK, Eglise will also be pursuing a career in music. Her first two singles will launch alongside another gaming-related Guiness World Record attempt, which is her first attempt outside the European continent.

What do you think about this recent development in gaming-related world records? Do you think you can beat the current world record for longest League of Legends marathon? Will you be able to last more than the 30 hours managed by Eglise? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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