'League Of Legends' Patch Notes 7.7: Riot Remembered Amumu And Nunu

Nunu wants to play but can't cause he stinks :( Riot Games

I can’t believe it’s already time for another League Of Legends patch; it feels like just yesterday I was gawking at how adorable Pug’Maw turned out to be. Patch 7.7 is huge, affecting tons of champions and jungle camps. A lot of League’s older folks are getting some minor tweaks to bring them in line with the current power creep, along with some new faces who just got a brand new coat of paint.

There are a ton of important, game-altering changes, like Jinx’s Chompers being on a lower cooldown or Kassadin getting buffed, but that isn’t what I’m interested in. I like old school Junglers, the sort of champions that dominated the meta back in Season 2 when you actually had to buy wards and Sona didn’t suck.

You can go through the whole list here, but these are my top five changes listed in the League Of Legends 7.7 Patch Notes (sorry they are all about the jungle):

  • Volibear- In terms of game strength, the bear who hates Zilean is pretty bad. Why bother chasing someone down on all fours when you can just play Udyr , Shaco or anything else with higher mobility. Flipping enemies is nice, but stunning them or fearing them with Warwick is just so much better. Riot is trying to bring Coca-Cola’s polar bear mascot back from the Frejlordian wasteland by doubling the amount of targets hit by his Thunder Claws. Volibear is one of my favorite champions and I hope he gets a bit more love in the next patch.

  • Nunu- I have a thing for really doofy junglers. There’s something about a yeti with a kid on his back taking a bite out of Baron or throwing snowballs in the bot lane that just makes me happy. Nunu has had a rough time adapting in Season 7: his clears are pretty suboptimal, he struggles ganking anyone with a dash and can’t come even close to the same power as other skirmish junglers, like Rengar or Graves. The yeti’s new passive grants an extra level when he uses an empowered attack, which won’t make him that much better. Like Volibear, it’s a bandaid on a broken limb.

  • Amumu- Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before, about a cursed mummy boy who couldn’t clear his jungle anymore. The boy/yordle wrapped in bandages is F-tier and Riot has decided to notice him again. His passive now turns a percentage of magic damage dealt to enemies into true damage and doubles the damage ticks on his Despair tears. It’s a nice buff, but he’ll still be hanging out with the other underpowered monsters in Champion Select.

  • Jarvan IV- The king of Demacia couldn’t even rule a Silver II ranked game in his current state, so he’s going under the knife as well. Riot couldn’t buff his damage, because then everyone just builds a Titanic Hydra and wrecks everyone he comes across with a crater smash. They needed to buff something to make him viable though, so they went after his shield. Golden Aegis gains more health at earlier ranks and scales with JIV’s percent health. If any of these changes on this list are enough to bring a champion to viability, it’s these.

  • Shaco- Fuck this clown , Riot should have nerfed him to the ground patches ago.

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