'League Of Legends' Patch 7.3: Nerfing The Champions That Dominate LCS

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Camille is finally getting nerfed, rejoice. Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 7.3 rolls out tomorrow. Riot has decided to focus this patch on tuning the champions that have been dominating professional play over the last couple of weeks. I can’t blame them; they spent all this energy to increase the number of bans, only to have them filled with OP picks. Maokai is still untouched though, the LoL development team can’t fix everything at once.

Here’s a rundown of which powerful champions got tweaked, and which ones got beaten to death with the nerf bat.



The lady with knives for legs has been a constant thorn in LoL players’ sides ever since her release. Nobody can outduel her, not even Fiora. Riot is lowering her damage and chase potential, which should lower how utterly cheesy she is. She can still dart around a teamfight, stunning and two-shotting whoever is dumb enough to stand in her range, but it’s a step in the right direction.  

Q - Precision Protocol EMPOWERED CAST BONUS DAMAGE :: 100% >>> 80% W - Tactical Sweep OUTER SWEEP SLOW DECAY :: Now decays fully to 0% over the duration SLOW :: 90% >>> 80% E - HookshotCOST :: 50 mana >>> 70 manaSTUN DURATION :: 1 second >>> 0.75 seconds[NEW] ATTACK SPEED :: Now only granted if Camille hits an enemy championR - The Hextech UltimatumAFTER DEATH DURATION :: No longer persists for its full remaining duration after Camille dies. Now dissipates within 1 second after Camille dies.


The green, prancing man is the best support-jungler in the game. His root and shields can protect allies or give them the upper hand in a teamfight or gank. Daisy, his rock/golem pet, has been way too strong. If you’ve watched the EU LCS over the past few weeks, you’ve seen Daisy tank up Baron while a whole team stays at full health. That just isn’t fair, so Riot is nerfing Daisy’s health regeneration and tankiness.   

R - Daisy![REMOVED] HEALTH REGENERATION :: Daisy no longer regenerates 3% maximum health per second while out of combatARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST :: 20/60/120 >>> 15/40/90ALL WORK AND NO PLAY :: Daisy will no longer start attacking the ground and teleporting out of controlINVISIBLE DAISIES :: Daisy will no longer become invisible in rare circumstances


Marksmen, even after the Lethality change, are still the weakest class in League . If you need some AD to balance out your team, Jayce is the top or mid laner you want. He’s got poke, crowd control and a smile that could light up the night. Riot can’t nerf his pearly whites, so they are settling for his damage output. Nearly halving the AD ratio on his ultimate Hammer is a big deal, blowing up enemies in melee range just got even harder.

Q - To the Skies! DAMAGE :: 40/80/120/160/200/240 >>> 35/70/105/140/175/210E - Thundering BlowCOST :: 40 mana >>> 55 manaR - Mercury HammerHAMMER STANCE BONUS DAMAGE RATIO :: 0.4 bonus attack damage >>> 0.25 bonus attack damage


Just look at this damage, of course they were going to dull the void bug’s claws.

Q - Taste Their FearRATIO :: 1.4 bonus attack damage >>> 1.2 bonus attack damageEVOLVED CLAWS COOLDOWN REFUND :: 60% on isolated targets >>> 45% on isolated targets


Leblanc may be the hardest champion to balance in LoL , next to Nidalee of course. Every time Riot tries to rework you or change her spells, they either end up creating a monster spellcaster or an insignificant F-tier pick. Her last pick turned her into the former, so Riot is nerfing some of her damage on her passive to hopefully balance her out.

Passive - Sigil of MaliceDAMAGE (LV 1-6) :: 40/55/70/85/100/115 >>> 30/40/50/60/70/80DAMAGE (LV 7-13) :: 130/155/170/180/190/200/210 >>> 90/100/120/140/160/180/200DAMAGE (LV 14-18) :: 220/240/260/280/300 (unchanged)


Support mages have been all the rage in Season 7, and it’s all thanks to this purple hood and the funky void gang. Drop your Void disease and then send out your Voidlings to do all the damage and the dirty work. Riot didn’t want to destroy off-lane Malz , but still wanted to limit his support damage. To do this, they raised Voidling spawn time and made them move slower when far from their owner.  

W - Void SwarmVOIDLING SPAWN TIME :: On-cast >>> 0.35 seconds after cast (matching the animation)[NEW] COOLDOWN BETWEEN CASTS :: 1 second[NEW] WAIT FOR ME :: Past 600 distance, Voidlings move 10% more slowly for every 100 additional distance farther they are from Malzahar


If Malzahar is the best AP support, Zyra is the second best choice. In the early and mid-game, her plants can push enemies out of the bot lane and allow for some free pushing. These nerfs shouldn’t affect her play too much, a little more mana and some thorn poke never turned anyone from S-tier to garbage.

GeneralPLANT STUFF :: Removed a rule that told Thornspitters and Vine Lashers to always target nearby enemy champions on-spawn instead of the closest enemy unit, even if the ability that spawned them didn’t hit a champion.Q - Deadly SpinesCOST :: 60 mana >>> 70 mana


Like Camille, the invisible kitty cat has been banned or played in nearly every game of the NA and EU LCS. Riot realized that giving a bursty assassin CC immunity was a dumb idea, so they are reverting the change and trimming some of his claws.

Q - Savagery DASH DISTANCE :: 200 >>> 150W - Battle Roar[REMOVED] BATTLE MEOW :: Empowered cast no longer gives crowd control immunity for 1.5 seconds.R - Thrill of the HuntCAMOUFLAGE DURATION :: 14/22/30 seconds >>> 12/16/20 seconds


Vi is too fast and strong in the jungle, so she’s losing some punch in her mechanical fists. Still a good champion, just a less OP one now.

Base StatsMOVEMENT SPEED :: 345 >>> 340BASE ATTACK SPEED :: 0.644 >>> 0.625



Why, oh why are they buffing the bloody man. We just got done with a meta filled with nothing but this guy and it was boring as hell to watch. Riot decided they wanted to see more of Vlad , so his base autos are getting more AD and Transfusion will go back to hitting like a truck. I’m really not happy about this and I hope this doesn’t bring him back into competitive play.

Base Stats



Q - Transfusion

RATIO :: 0.55 ability power >>> 0.6 ability power

DAMAGE :: 75/90/105/120/135 >>> 80/100/120/140/160



Rapid Fire lasts longer, not much to say here.

Q - Rapid FireDURATION :: 5 seconds >>> 7 seconds

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