League of Legends: Patch 12.1 Kicks Off the New Ranked Season with Balancing Changes and More

League of Legends Patch 12.1
League of Legends Patch 12.1 Riot Games

A new update for League of Legends is here. Patch 12.1 kicks off the new year with some balancing changes, a notable change to Teleport, and adjustments to certain items.

Balancing Changes

Diana is already effective as a jungler, but the developers feel that she could still improve. Thus, they’re buffing up her passive ability, Moonsilver Blade, by increasing its AP ratio to 50% and monster damage ratio to 300%. These adjustments should also make her viable in the mid.

Rek’Sai, in the right hands, is quite strong, especially if you max out her Furious Bite first. That is why the devs tweaked the ability’s physical damage by increasing its damage at the first level but slowly reducing it starting level three. Tunnel cooldown is increased starting at level two as well.

Sona is another Champion who has been seen pushing the limit even in other brackets. This huge jump in ranking is due to the changes made to the Archangel’s Staff in the preseason. The developers are bringing her down a peg by reducing her armor growth to three and increasing her Song of Celerity’s cooldown to 14 seconds.

Patch Highlights

  • Parrrrley (Q)
    • Mana cost reduced to 55/50/45/40/35
    • Cooldown reduced to 4.5 seconds
  • Furious Bite (E)
    • Physical damage adjusted to 55/60/65/70/75 (+85% bonus AD)
  • Tunnel (E)
    • Cooldown changed to 26/24/22/20/18 seconds
  • Ever Rising Moon (Melee)
    • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds
Force of Nature
  • Absorb stack duration increased to 7 seconds
  • Dissipate magic damage reduction increased to 25%
Immortal Shieldbow
  • Attack damage reduced to 50
  • Lifeline Shield reduced to 275-650 (based on level)
  • Teleport cooldown changed to 360 seconds at all levels
  • NEW: Unleashed Teleport: Teleport can only be used on allied towers. Once tower plating falls at 14 minutes, Teleport transforms into Unleashed Teleport, which can target allied towers, minions, wards, and certain allied constructs (same as Season 2021 Teleport)
  • Unleashed Teleport cooldown is 240 seconds
  • Banked days for Apex Players increased to 14 days
  • Decay rate reduced to 75 LP per day
  • Apex decay floor changed to Diamond II
  • NEW: Objective Bounties: Targets with active Objective Bounties now have different health bars to indicate their bounty status
  • Fixed a bug where Kled would sometimes respawn with an incorrect amount of health
  • Vi's Passive: Blast Shield will now activate properly on all structures
  • Fixed a bug where, if Lucian was silenced, his basic attacks would not have Passive: Lightslinger effects

You can read the full patch notes here.

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