'League of Legends' New Skin Teaser: We Finally Getting Satan Teemo

satan teemo
Satan temmo, baby! Riot

Now that the first week of the League of Legends World Championship is over, Riot needs to get people hyped about buying some skins. On the LOL Facebook page Monday morning, a unique teaser popped up. It’s a Gif with a yordle with horns floating out of a pot accompanied by two witches, one Morgana and the other Tristana. The Harrowing, League’s Halloween celebration, is going to be interesting this year.

It’s really impossible to know which Yordle is turning into the devil in this picture. The pitchfork he’s holding looks a lot like Fizz’s trident, but there’s only one Yordle worthy of a devil skin, Teemo. If Riot makes a Satan skin for someone other than Teemo, it would just be a slap in the face to the meme community.

Teemo’s nickname is “Satan” in a lot of League communities because he’s annoying to play against and his laugh is crazy scary. The devil is holding a small pumpkin, which could be the skin’s replacement for Teemo shrooms.

Riot could really mess with us and give us an ultimate Heimerdinger devil skin, but even they aren’t that evil.

With Morgana and Tristana will most likely be 1350 or 750RP while the devil yordle- whoever it may be- will be an Ultimate skin priced at 1820 RP.   

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