'League Of Legends' Mordekaiser Is Broken, How Can The Metal Knight Be Fixed?

King Of Clubs Mordekaiser pities you
King Of Clubs Mordekaiser pities you Riot Games

Mordekaiser has been nothing but a disappointment since his rework. At different times since the Juggernaut Patch he’s been: so overpowered that he had to be banned in every single game of the Season 5 World Championship, so weak that he was considered a “troll” pick if you even attempted to bring him to the bottom lane, or just so buggy that you can’t even play him.

So where did Riot go so wrong with their “bot lane mage?”

Why Is Mordekaiser So Bad?

For starters, Mordekaiser’s kit isn’t awful. He’s a great wave pusher, who has no problem dueling anyone dumb enough to fight him once he’s got a few items. He can summon ghosts to turn a teamfight 5-versus-6 and can even summon a super powerful ghost dragon. What he lacks in mobility, he makes up for in pure strength.

When Mordekaiser was first released, he dominated every lane. Nobody could match the healing from a double Targon’s Embrace and Sorrow’s Embrace fitted bot lane duo. No matter who you picked, you’d end up losing trades against the metal knight and whatever Taric, Alistar or Nautilus or Blitzcrank you dragged alongside you.

Then the nerfs happened, and Mordekaiser went from Overpowered to trash. He’s got so many bugs that even the most adept player can’t use him to his full potential. In the long awaited Cloud9 Vs. Flyquest game last weekend, a fan on reddit noticed at least 22 different bugs while he was on screen. It’s impossible to tell how many stacks Mace Of Spades is on, his ghosts never listen and he’s just plain clunky.

How Do We Fix The Metal Knight

Riot needs to remake Mordekaiser again, it’s the only way. We know Riot has no problem reworking reworked champions, Ryze has been remade three times. Give Mordekaiser his old mid lane feel, turn him into a mage that can duel any magic wielder who dares step into his melee range of death.

How do you feel about Mordekaiser? Tell us in the comments.

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