League Of Legends Invasion Guide: How To Beat The Void And Save The World

League Of Legends Invasion Guide
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Every Void monster in Invasion. Riot Games

League Of Legends has added its first true PVE game mode, Invasion. Take control of one of the 10 Star Guardians: Lulu, Ahri, Soraka, Syndra, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Poppy, Janna, Lux or Jinx and embark on an epic journey to save the world. This isn’t your usual Summoner’s Rift, Riot Games has really created something new and unique here. If you’re having trouble beating the void monsters, allow Player.One to walk you through and give you the insight needed to take down the Rift Herald.

Who Should You Pick?

Invasion is a wave-based game mode that mostly boils down to killing every enemy or surviving for a set period of time. There’s no need to farm to get gold, it’s given to you every round, meaning you can spend all your time dealing massive damage to A.I. Cho’gaths and Kog’maws. You can pick whichever champion you want; if you’re used to playing as Ezreal or Soraka, don’t let an angry guy in chat who read a Mobafire guide tell you that you can’t. Poppy, Jinx, Ahri and Lux all have great clear, damage and survivability, technically making them the best, but you can win with any champion.

Builds are also pretty straightforward if you’re not playing on the harder difficulty, Onslaught.  Poppy builds tank, Ahri builds AP and Jinx builds a Bloodthirster for maximum damage. Feel free to try crazy builds as well, you might accidentally uncover a secret new strategy that completely destroys the Invasion meta. My first few games were played with Miss Fortune alongside a Black Cleaver and Death’s Dance, which completely shredded through the towering tanks trying to feast on my tasty Starlight.

Void Monsters

When fighting you should prioritize killing these champions in this order: Kog'maw >Vel'Koz > Rek'Sai> Skarner>Kha'Zix > Cho'gath > Voidling > Voidspawn. Kog’maw and Vel’koz can do crazy damage from afar, so make sure they go down before the rest of the tanks catch you and keep you in place. Skarner can be a nuisance on the Escape zone, pulling you out of the safe space, but Poppy should be able to protect your team inside her circle if things get too hectic. Kha’zix pounces before going invisible and Cho’Gath has a massive AOE tremor, meaning your team can’t clump together. If you do, the monsters are going to deal tons of damage, wrecking your life bars.  

Game Modes

You have to finish seven waves in total, and you get three tries with each before you lose. There are three different types:

Survival: Pretty simple, you just have to kill everything before everyone on your team dies. Each enemy void monster isn’t crazy powerful and you should have no problem clearing this map. If you’re on the small map, spread out and kill everything ASAP, but on the bigger one your team should stay together (but not too close) to deal with every threat.

Escape: Stay in that circle or you’ll get damaged every second. If Skarners are becoming a serious problem and Poppy can’t help, try to stay in the middle, so that it doesn’t pull you that far out.  

Defense: Similar to Escape, you want to stay in the circle and poke out enemies who are trying to get you.

The Boss

After fighting your way through a horde of brutes, it's time to fight the Rift Herald. Before it attacks, arrows will appear on the ground, giving you enough time to dodge the barrage. Those purple orbs it shoots are harder to avoid than its charge, but standing behind obstacles like lamp posts and benches will protect you from the damage. Don’t be surprised if you lose a couple of times before you see that Victory screen, this boss is really hard.

If you need extra help with the Onslaught difficulty, Steelflame on the League Of Legends forums has a great wrap-up.   

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