League Of Legends: House United Leads Mid-Season Trials After First Week

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League of Legends: Mid-Season Trials
League of Legends: Mid-Season Trials Riot Games

League of Legends revealed that after one week of the Mid-Season Trials, House United had taken the lead. The full current standings are:


League of Legends reminded players that only the missions that are shown on the house icon are counted toward the progress of the house. That means the missions from the Trial Pass are not counter towards the competition. In order for each house to get the chance to have a comeback, the points awarded each week are increased.

Th event started May 2 and ends June 2. In order to be part of this new event, players need to choose from among four different houses, each bringing a unique quality attitude to each match. The current team at the top is United, where players are expected to have a more hopeful attitude. Warband, meanwhile, are for players that follow ruthless gameplay, with the Faceless being a house that shows more unpredictability. Finally, there is the Council, which utilizes a more calculated play style.

After choosing a house, players are able to earn points through gameplay missions in addition to MSI watch rewards. At the end of each week, players are given an update on how the houses fared and points are then given the the members of the winning house.

The Trial Pass is available for 1,650 Riot Points and not only includes:

  • Trials 2019 Pass Icon
  • 4 MSI 2019 Orbs
  • 200 Trials Tokens.

For this event, the Event Shop is offering:

  • 100 Prestige Points + Icon (2200 Tokens)
  • Gold Chromas and Icons (300 Tokens Each)
    • ​Conqueror Alistar Golden Chroma + Icon
    • Conqueror Varus Golden Chroma + Icon
    • Conqueror Karma Golden Chroma + Icon
    • Challenger Nidalee Golden Chroma + Icon
    • Challenger Ahri Golden Chroma + Icon
  • Borders and Icons (250 Tokens Each)
    • ​Conqueror Alistar Border + Icon
    • Challenger Ahri Border + Icon
    • Challenger Nidalee Border + Icon
  • Emotes (75 Tokens Each)
    • ​B-Baka! and All For You emotes
    • Worthy Adversary
    • Wonderful…
    • Impressive!
  • Extras
    • ​MSI 2019 Orb for 200 Tokens
    • House Battle Icon for 50 Tokens
    • 2019 Conqueror Ward for 125 Tokens
    • Random Champion Shard for 50 Tokens
    • Key Fragment for 10 Tokens
    • 10 Blue Essence for 1 Token

So what do you think? Did you join one of the houses for the League of Legends Mid-Season Trials? Are you sitting on top as a part of Team United? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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