'League Of Legends' Galio Rework: New Video Shows Off A Cocky Bruiser Mage

Galio rework coming soon, get hyped
Galio rework coming soon, get hyped Riot Games

League of Legend’s Galio is finally getting a rework. We saw a teaser for the golem last week, but a new video on the League Facebook page shows him in action, soaring around and kicking some Noxian butt. The mopy gargoyle with bad posture has been reworked into something a bit more…. heroic.

Galio is now a bruiser, who wants to jump right in the middle of the fight. It’s unclear what his abilities are, but it looks like Riot is keeping some of his old flavor. He’s got a wind gust and a shield, but everything else seems to be new and thrilling. He zooms through the air, slamming down on the ground with the force of a Malphite ultimate.

Riot also seemed to keep some of his cocky attitude, since it’s hard to full of yourself when you are a towering guardian of good. Demacia will always have a protector, more over Garen there’s a new paragon in town. Galio will be coming to the PBE tomorrow and hit live servers in Patch 7.6.

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