'League Of Legends' Elementalist Lux: How To Unlock All 10 Forms

elementalist lux fire
Elementalist Lux from her login screen theme for League Of Legends Surrender@20

Elementalist Lux has been out on the League Of Legends PBE for almost a week now and I’ve been playing her non-stop. It’s amazing how Riot made each one of Lux’s 10 forms feel unique; it’s almost like you are getting almost a dozen skins for one price. Lux mains are never going to get bored of their champion again and people who have never played Lux are going to pick her up and get super frustrated when they realize how hard her skill shots are to hit.

Every game is a new adventure with Elementalist Lux. At the start of the game you begin in Light mode and can pick one element once you fill up a gauge near her player portrait. This gauge rises when you hit offensive spells on enemy champions, so a bad Lux will still be stuck in light mode by the 10-minute mark. For your first element you can pick between Nature, Fire, Water and Air.

To get to the next form, you need to keep hitting enemies with your abilities. Once that gauge hits 100 percent, you get to pick another element. When combined, they create something entirely new. Here’s the full list of transformations, courtesy of Surrender@20 :

  • Magma - Fire + Nature

  • Storm - Fire + Air

  • Mystic - Water + Nature

  • Ice - Water + Air

  • Dark - Nature + Air OR Water + Fire

Don’t forget to try out each form because they all have different voice lines, over 720 between the 10 of them. So far, my favorite has to be her Dark form. Combining two elements that don’t like to work together turns her batshit crazy and evil. That laugh takes on a whole new form when she’s got a little bit of Maleficent in her.

Elementalist Lux will be available in the next few weeks and will be an ultimate tier skin, costing 3250 RP.

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