League of Legends: Early 11.16 Patch Notes Reveal Sona Rework

League of Legends Sona
League of Legends Sona Twitter/@lol_insider

League of Legends Patch 11.15 has dropped on the live servers just recently, which means another beta cycle is in order.

In Patch 11.16, the planned rework for Sona is finally pushing through. Back in March, Jeevun Sidhu, lead game designer on the Summoner’s Rift Team for League of Legends, tweeted that the item changes implemented in Season 10 were not too kind to Sona. This is why the devs are looking to change some things.

Sona Rework

Accelerando/ Power Chord
Accelerando/ Power Chord Twitter/@lol_insider

It appears that Sona’s passive will get a boost. She will have a new addition to her Power Chord passive “Accelerando.” Every time she uses her basic abilities, Sona gains +0.5 Basic Ability Haste permanently, which stacks up to 60.

Once it reaches 60 Basic Ability Haste, her ultimate would receive a lower cooldown of 1.5 seconds instead of gaining additional stacks.

In addition, her Power Chord passive will also have a new damage calculation. After using three abilities, Sona’s next attack will deal [20 to 245 (+20% AP)] magic damage and have an extra effect based on the last song she used.

If she uses Hymn of Valor, she deals [28 to 336 (+28% AP)] magic damage instead.

Using Aria of Perseverance will cast a debuff on the target that makes them deal (25% + 0.04% AP) reduced damage for three seconds.

If Song of Celerity was the last song activated, the target is slowed down (40% + 0.04% AP) for two seconds.

As for her main abilities, Sidhu said that they have removed the mana refund mechanics for Hymn of Valor (Q), Aria of Perseverance (W), and Song of Celerity (E). They have opted to reduce the mana costs of these abilities instead.

Further, the passive effect of Crescendo has been removed and is now applied to her Power Chord passive.

Champion Skins

  • Coven Ahri
  • Coven Ashe
  • Coven Cassiopeia
  • Coven Evelynn (Legendary)
  • Coven LeBlanc (Prestige)
  • Coven Warwick
  • Coven Malphite

Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy, the Senior VFX artist for League of Legends, tweeted some clarifications about Graves’ Sentinel skin.

For those who do not know, Graves’ End of the Line (Q) ability looks different when using the Sentinel Graves skin compared to his other skins.

According to Leroy, the Sentinel skin was designed based on the hitbox for the return missile of his Q. As you know, the first missile is thin and the returning is much wider.

To ensure that everything is fair, Leroy said that they’re going to update Graves’ other skins to match the new hitbox. You should be able to see the changes in the PBE soon.

These are all of the things that are revealed in the current patch notes for Patch 11.16. Stay tuned for more possible additions soon.

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