League of Legends: Akshan's Revive Passive Getting Nerfed

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel
Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel Riot Games

Developer Riot Games is nerfing Akshan in Patch 11.17 following a community divide about his revive passive.

Akshan was released in Patch 11.15 and while he has received numerous buffs to make him more appealing to players, it seems some players have found nice ways to use his kit, particularly his revive passive.

For those who do not know, Akshan’s Going Rogue (W) ability has a passive effect where enemy Champions who have killed his allies are marked as Scoundrels for 60 seconds.

Any Scoundrel taken down within three seconds of damaging them would not only net Akshan 100 additional gold but will also revive all allies killed by that Scoundrel.

As to why this ability is deemed overpowered, Redditor @SnooCompliments7054 has posted a video showcasing its potential to turn the tide of battle.

In the video, the Redditor was playing Kindred and has killed four enemy Champions without a problem, a Quadra Kill! However, the enemy Akshan was able to take the Redditor down, with the help of the fountain, thus reviving all his slain allies in the process. The takeaway for Kindred was landing the final nail to kill Akshan, a Pentakill. But all other enemy champions respawned.

The Nerf

Developers are nerfing Akshan's revive passive just a little bit. Rogue Sentinel can no longer revive his allies when he scores a kill after he dies.

This doesn’t mean that he can no longer revive anyone, however. This just means that players will have to stay alive if they want to bring everyone back to life after killing a Scoundrel.

The nerf will force players to be more mindful and think about ways to survive until everyone is brought back to life.


Because of the change, Lead designerJeevun Sidhu has revealed certain buffs to Akshan to compensate.

Here are the upcoming changes to the Rogue Sentinel:

Going Rogue (W)
  • Akshan can no longer claim Scoundrels when he is dead
Heroic Swing (E)
  • Damage: 30 to 130 + 10% bonus AD increased to 30 to 110 + 17.5% bonus AD
  • Bug Fix: Heroic Swing will no longer end early on towers
Comeuppance (R)
  • Cooldown is decreased to 5 seconds when canceled by crowd control
  • Bug Fix: Minions will be consistently executed, regardless of armor bonuses
Passive: Dirty Fighting
  • Bug Fix: Second attack will more consistently complete on targets when the first attack was executed at max range
  • Bug Fix: Improvements in predicting if the first attack will kill the target, including shields on the target, and on-hit effects on Akshan like Wit’s End and Kraken Slayer

What do you think? Are you ok with the developers nerfing Akshan’s revive passive?

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