Layers Of Fear 2 Officially Announced For Both PC And Consoles

'You became an actor so you wouldn't have to be yourself.'
Haunted ship replaces haunted mansion.
Haunted ship replaces haunted mansion. Bloober Team

Psychological horror fans have something very special to look forward to next month.

Layers of Fear 2, Bloober Team’s much-awaited sequel to the visceral, highly disturbing horror Layers of Fear, is set launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam this coming May 28. And while the original Layers of Fear trapped your character – a once-successful painter now in the middle of a mental breakdown – in long-abandoned and decrepit mansion filled with horrendous sights and claustrophobic halls, the sequel is taking aim at a different kind of horror setting altogether. Layers of Fear 2 sees you playing as a Hollywood actor at a low in his career, summoned aboard a mysterious ocean liner by an eccentric director who might know more than he lets on.

Bloober Team sets the atmosphere of the game in one of their press releases. “Darkness surrounds as you stand silently in the spotlight, the only sounds to be heard over your heartbeat are the distant breaking of waves against the hull and the sound of cameras pointed in your direction preserving this moment for eternity.”

A trailer, titled Time Waits for No One, was recently released, and it gives you a sneak peek into what Layers of Fear 2 has to offer.

I think that the original Layers of Fear was an incredibly underrated game, given that it had one of the best atmospheres for any recent horror game. I absolutely adored getting lost in the always moving and shifting halls and rooms and finding myself running hopelessly in circles. This is one of those games that I felt was also satisfying to watch someone else play, which is partly the reason why I ended up getting it, after seeing Pewdiepie play and beat it. It’s one of those rare titles that manages to accomplish what it set out to do, no more and no less.

What’s even more interesting about the sequel is that it managed to get Tony Todd, also known as the Candyman guy, to do the narration, so this should add another level of creep to what is already a creepy affair.

Layers of Fear 2 is set to be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 28.

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