The Last of Us Part 1: Here’s What Every Edition Offers

The Last of Us Part 1
The Last of Us Part 1 Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog finally revealed their open-secret project, the remake of The Last of Us, during Summer Game Fest 2022. The Last of Us Part 1 is a full-fledged remake of the original title, coming exclusively to PS5 on September 2. A PC version is in development and will be released later on.

Sony has revealed three different editions of the game. Here, we have detailed each of them.

Pre-Order Bonus

There’s not much to discuss here. Anyone who pre-orders any edition will receive bonus supplements and weapon parts. This will apply to even the cheapest edition, which is the first on the list.

Standard Edition

Standard Edition is exactly what you think it is. It contains only the base game and the prequel DLC, Left Behind. This is the cheapest edition, priced at $69.99.

The Last of Us Part 1 Digital Deluxe Edition
The Last of Us Part 1 Digital Deluxe Edition Naughty Dog

Digital Deluxe Edition

This is where things start to get a little expensive. Digital Deluxe Edition will cost you $79.99. However, it comes with these extra digital goodies:

  • Increased Crafting Speed Skill
  • Increased Healing Speed Skill
  • 9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade
  • Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier
  • Dither Punk Filter
  • Speedrun Mode
  • Six Weapon Skins
The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Edition
The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Edition Naughty Dog

Firefly Edition

Firefly Edition is currently the most expensive edition, which will set you back $99.99, but it has the most extras. You will get everything from Digital Deluxe Edition along with a couple of physical goodies. Buyers will get a steel bookcase with full game and The Last of Us: American Dreams Comics 1-4 with new Cover Art.

You will have to purchase Firefly Edition directly from PlayStation. Unfortunately, the high demand for this edition devoured the initial stocks. There's no confirmed date when the new supply will arrive, so you need to keep an eye out for updates.

As mentioned above, the game will be released on PC as well. However, we don’t know if Firefly Edition for the PC version will be made available or not.

So what do you think? Are you excited about The Last of Us Part 1? Which edition are you most interested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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