The Last Spell Announcement Trailer For PC And Switch Released

To launch first on Mac and PC sometime in 2020.
Developer CCCP officially announces The Last Spell, due out in 2020 for the Switch and PC.
Developer CCCP officially announces The Last Spell, due out in 2020 for the Switch and PC. CCCP

The Last Spell is a tactical RPG coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch. This strategy turn-based game comes from developer CCCP, who are best known for their survival role-playing games Dead in Bermuda and Dead in Vinland.

The Last Spell is set in a fantasy world plagued with a mysterious mist that brings hellish monsters. Those who have entered the mist are said to have been killed, driven mad, or even turned into monstrous abominations themselves. What remains are a few safe places called Havens that keep up the fight against the hordes of bloodthirsty monsters that come out at night from this strange purple mist.

In the game, the player leads a group of hardened warriors whose only purpose in life is to defend the mages that cast the titular last spell, and may finally rid the world of all its evil and magic. To succeed, the player must manage their hardened warriors’ and their respective resources (Mana). The Last Spell includes a class-less system and your approach on the game depends on how you distribute your squad’s points towards their skill trees and which perks you activate. Adding to the challenge are the monsters, who have both overwhelming numbers and differing behaviors that you need to adapt to. Lastly, the world map, enemy waves, characters, and weapons are procedurally generated, which may add or take away from the game’s difficulty level.

The Last Spell’s Steam page greets visitors with a question: “What if Final Fantasy Tactics & Dynasty Warriors had an illegitimate daughter?” That’s what The Last Spell aims to be, with its turn-based game play complemented by hordes and hordes of evil creatures that is always satisfying to blast and slash off the screen, all neatly packaged in a pixel art style.

For those who are fans of the genre, The Last Spell is still a long way away, with the developers eyeing a 2020 release on Steam for the PC and Mac. A Nintendo Switch version will follow at a later date.

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