The Last Spell: Fear of the Lake Patch Adds Improved Progression Gauge and Balancing Changes

Fear of the Lake
Fear of the Lake Steam

The Last Spell: Fear of the Lake is a 2D tactical RPG with rogue-lite mechanics. What’s interesting about this game is that you build your defenses during the day and fend off hordes of monsters that come from the Purple Mist at night. There are tons of unique procedurally-generated items, such as armors, weapons, and trinkets that provide you with more avenues to create strategies that suit your playstyle.

Recently, The Last Spell: Fear of the Lake received Patch, which added plenty of balancing changes and improvements. But that’s not all! A new version of the night progression gauge during Boss Nights has been added as well. It now shows more information, helping you identify the progress you’ve made during the fight.

Improved Night Progression Gauge
Improved Night Progression Gauge Steam

For balancing changes, the Cetusia boss fight got a bit more challenging in this update. That’s because some of her stats have been buffed, such as her HP and armor.

The rest of the changes in Patch are as follows:

  • Added more Hunters in waves for Glenwald
  • Big Game Hunter's bonus damage: 15% of target's max Health > 8% of target's max Health
Harpy Boss Fight (Gildenberg)
  • Corrupted Harpy (Assault form)
    • HP reduced to 810
    • Move points reduced to 4
    • Skills:
    • Fury(melee attack), “Flying Assault” (maneuver attack), and “Dive Bomb” (spawn attack) all had their damages decreased
    • Flying Assault's (maneuver attack) range has been increased but now has a cooldown before being usable again
  • Alerion (small harpy)
    • Critical % increased to 6%
    • Skills:
    • Lacerate's (melee attack) damages have been decreased
Cetusia Boss Fight (Lakeburg)
  • General
    • The quantity of enemies in waves has been reduced
    • Boss fight’s general structure has been altered to feel less repetitive
  • Cetusia
    • HP increased to 3,600
    • Armor increased to 400
    • Block reduced to 50
    • Resistance reduced to 40%
    • Skills:
    • Cetusia now needs to Charge before using Head Smash (physical attack) and Hydro Catapult (long-range attack)
    • Cetusia now inflicts damage and debuff around her in melee upon her defeat
    • Cetusia’s general behavior has been altered to be more predictable
  • Cetusia’s Tail
    • HP reduced to 1,800
    • Armor increased to 200
    • Block reduced to 50
    • Resistance reduced to 40%
  • Enraged Cetusia (last phase)
    • HP increased to 3,600
    • Block increased to 50
    • Resistance reduced to 40%
  • Fix the zoom level for 2K or higher screen resolution: before the fix, the game was too zoomed in for high resolution. Now if you have a high resolution you will see more on the screen
  • Fix all the sound stacking problems (for example it was happening when multiple ballistae shot at the same time)

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

The Last Spell: Fear of the Lake is available on PC.

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