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The Last Spell recently received an update that added a new map, a new enemy, and new features. The new enemy is called Guardian, and can only be found in the new map Glenwald. The enemy has a blocking skill, which buffs the surrounding enemies. This will make players find different ways to beat protected enemies.

The developers have warned players that there will be issues with the save files post-update. If you want to finish the ongoing run, you will have to use the previous version of the game that can be found in the Steam settings under Beta.

The Last Spell Update - Glenwald Calling

New Features
  • Some obstacles blocking the LOS can be destroyed and are then replaced with indestructible obstacles that don’t block the LOS.
  • Rework of the existing Apocalypses and their order (more details below in the "Balancing" section), and addition of new ones:
    • Full rework of Apocalypse 3: The map now includes several Mist Censers, an element of scenery that locally generates Thin Mist for the enemies to hide in.
    • Apocalypse 5: All enemies now have +2 Movement Points.
    • Apocalypse 6: All items except for the ones generated with the heroes now have an additional negative affix whose level of malus depends on the item’s level.
  • Consumables now have a number of uses per night, instead of a number of uses in total.
  • Consumables don’t get destroyed anymore when their number of available uses reaches 0.
  • At the beginning of the production phase, the number of available uses of every consumable item is recharged.
  • Alterations affecting heroes are cured every morning at the beginning of the production phase.
  • Heroes can’t use skills during the production phase anymore.
  • When Accursed and Bulky monsters leave the Mist, they don’t attack right away anymore.
  • Improvement of the line of sight algorithm to avoid solitary tiles and be more lenient to the player.
  • Addition of a preview of the AOE skills in their tooltips.
  • An attack no longer applies for buff/debuff/status if the target dodges it.
  • Display of the tooltips now includes stats caps.
  • Addition of an icon in the Easy mode menu and when the game is played in Easy mode, with information about the modifiers when hovering over it.

You can read more about the update here.

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