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Donkey Crew, the developer of Last Oasis, recently released a new update that focuses on balancing and improving the game. The developers are currently working on fixing VOIP services, which should go live in a few days without any downtime. A new mechanic has been added that allows you to track enemies and reveal the location of Poaching Huts.

The improvised bombs and gas have received a small rework to balance their effects. The bomb's effectiveness got reduced while the gas damage no longer stacks, which makes it less overpowering. The player combat cooldown is another new mechanic introduced and more details can be found in the patch notes below.

Last Oasis Update


  • New mechanic addition: It’s now possible to track enemy Poaching Huts, which temporarily reveals the location of other Poaching Huts owned by an individual, or a clan in the Oasis. It will only reveal Poaching Huts owned by the clan you tracked. Greed never pays, Nomads.
  • Mechanic rebalance: Ignition mechanic (also known as improvised bombs) has been rebalanced. The general effectiveness of these improvised explosives has been reduced. The time to ignite and detonate explosive materials inside containers has been increased.
  • Mechanic rebalance: Gas has been reworked so that it now works as a status effect applied to the Player. This means gas damage can no longer stack with more bombs fired on one location. This allows us to both work out better performance for gas bombs in general, but also be able to better balance this mechanic.
  • Grappling hook: When hit by a melee attack, your grappling hook will now detach.
  • New mechanic addition: Added Player combat cooldown. When a player is attacked by another hostile Player, they will no longer be able to leave the Oasis. Player combat cooldown does not affect Walkers attempting to leave an Oasis (this means a Player can be in cooldown, but if the Walker he is on isn’t, they can leave).
  • Allow throwing weapons to be equipped in both weapon slots.


  • Fixed several issues with Killins being unable to land on their nests.
  • Improved Killin landing behavior on nests.
  • Improved Killin targeting behavior when around their nests.
  • Attacking a rupu should now properly interrupt their taunt behavior, and trigger an offensive response.


  • Updated explosion visual effects: LoDs, radius scaling, and different trail materials and fading have all been improved. Explosions should have higher resolution, and now be much less noisy.-Various improvements to fire-related visual effects (burning, objects on fire, etc).
  • Updated camera shakes from explosions. Improved decals alignment on explosions, when hitting against angled surfaces.
  • Improved lights and shadows for torches, campfires, and other light sources.
  • Updated Advanced Hatchet asset.
  • Fixed Mollusk Medium Wings visuals when retracted.


  • Fixed Heavy Walker Legs having no walking sound.
  • Added new explosion sounds for improved explosion effects.

You can read more about the update here.

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