Last Oasis 1.2.29668 Patch Fixes Bugs, Improves Visuals

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Developer Donkey Crew recently rolled out a hotfix for Last Oasis that fixes a lot of bugs and adds some new visuals as well. Donkey Crew addressed some annoying respawning issues on Mollusk Walker, now properly displays melee damage, and fixed a few other bugs which were reported by the community.

Donkey Crew also added in cool downs for clans, so that you can’t keep hopping them. Some changes were also made to Nurr, such as its animations and behaviors. Some audio adjustments were also made to walker climbers and various other sound tweaks.

You can find the patch notes for the update below:


  • Added clan joining cooldown after leaving one.
  • Added clan limits to some oases.


  • Added asteroid craters with iron rocks.
  • Enabled oasis burning feature.
  • Added new variations of oases.


  • Added nets throwable by hand.
  • Added camera offset setting.
  • Improved stability of grappling hook.


  • Adjusted Repeater's rate of fire.
  • Added smooth camera transition when manning.


  • Improved various Nurr animations.
  • Balanced Nurr behaviors
  • giving up quicker, etc.
  • Improved mob collisions against walker legs.
  • Made creatures not spawn close to player spawn areas.


  • Added new sounds to lootsite interactions.
  • Adjusted sounds of walker climber.
  • Various additional sound tweaks.


  • Tweaked character creation screen interactions.
  • Made walker armor improvement value clearer.
  • Made walker upgrades naming consistent.
  • Added a bunch of new icons.


  • Adjusted and unified walker wing cloth visuals.
  • Improved various harvesting and other particles.


  • Optimized various models and LODs further.
  • Optimized various particle logic and visuals.
  • Optimized various sound systems.
  • Fixed Mollusk Walker not being upgradeable.
  • Fixed collision issues with Mollusk Walker.
  • Fixed missing respawn points on Mollusk Walker.
  • Fixed spawn protection sometimes getting removed from outside.
  • Fixed bushes not showing quality from rangefinder.
  • Fixed harvesting rupu vines with sickles.
  • Fixed issues with clan menu scrolling.
  • Fixed some incorrect vitamin descriptions.
  • Fixed sawblades going through walkers.
  • Fixed incorrect interactable on cattail.
  • Fixed issues with some of the tooltips.
  • Fixed issues with lava pool collisions.
  • Fixed adaptive music system not working correctly in PvP.
  • Fixed some containers being hard to open.
  • Fixed Liferforce module stacking issues.
  • Fixed phemke terrain alignment position.
  • Fixed net sometimes falling through the ground.
  • Fixed walker destruction sound played on joining server.
  • Fixed sometimes spawning inside a rock on medium maps.
  • Fixed stairs being difficult to place next to walls.
  • Fixed sound issues related to kite reeling.
  • Fixed building torque windmills inside each other.
  • Fixed being able to build under Toboggan deck.
  • Fixed campfire output container not unlocking.
  • Fixed getting stuck in Falco after construction.
  • Fixed walker construction sites not visible from distance.
  • Fixed issues with crafting queues after server restart.
  • Fixed status effects sometimes applying incorrectly.
  • Fixed sawblades not using quality.
  • Fixed small issues with tutorial text.
  • Fixed clanmates being able to use personal sandbeds.
  • Fixed seeing structure weight when packing not allowed.
  • Fixed bug with melee damage sometimes showing incorrectly.
  • Fixed medium walker wings being difficult to grapple to.
  • Fixed sandbeds not having correct activation time.
  • Fixed icon locations on map sometimes not being correct.
  • Fixed font issues in player reporting menus.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect display of walker health.
  • Fixed net thrower sometimes getting stuck rotating.
  • Fixed various animation issues with kites.
  • Fixed parts of Hornet construction site not having collisions.
  • Fixed some incorrect naming in tech tree.
  • Fixed glass item having durability bar.
  • Fixed issues with accessing Mollusk cargo from some places.
  • Fixed issues with building Hose through objects.
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