Last Idea RPG: Final Fantasy Developer Announces New Mobile Game

Square Enix may have just revealed its newest game: an RPG called Last Idea.
Square Enix may have just revealed its newest game: an RPG called Last Idea. Square Enix

Square Enix revealed their latest mobile game today in a rather nonchalant tweet. The tweet reveals the name of the developer's newest game - Last Idea. While the company has made no official announcements regarding the game or the Last Idea RPG Twitter account, a little digging reveals that the logo, the Twitter account creation date, and the fact that Last Idea is a registered trademark as of last November, all point to the legitimacy of this casual reveal from Square Enix.

Only a few crucial details are known at this point. The Last Idea Twitter account only follows a handful of people, one of whom is a graphic artist that works online under the pseudonym ‘Wind’. Wind has been part of many video game projects, creating video game artwork and character designs for companies like CAPCOM and Square Enix. Notably, Wind retweeted the post from the Last Idea Twitter account, signifying that she may be working with Square Enix again on this new title.

Without making assumptions or delving too deep into speculation, Square Enix seems to be doing a great job of getting their game into the ethosphere. Intentional or not, their casual unveiling of a new video game title and its puzzling, almost quizzical approach to the whole thing has got gamers around the world interested, or rather, morbidly curious as to what Last Idea RPG really is.

There’s still no official announcement from Square Enix, but with a title like Last Idea, it’s kind of hard to imagine any other video game company being responsible for it than the one that came up with the Final Fantasy franchise.

Right now, its anybody’s guess as to whether or not Last Idea RPG is going to be available on what platforms, or if its going to be available at all, but lot of signs are pointing to the fact that its going to be another mobile game like Grimms Notes, a free-to-play mobile RPG that Square Enix launched in 2016.

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