Aim Lab Update EB 0.52 Adds In Reworked HUD, Fixes Several Bugs

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Statespace, the developer of Aim Lab, recently released a new update for the aim trainer game. In their previous update, Statespace made some major changes such as adding custom recoil. The Aim Lab 0.52 update isn't as major and mainly fixes bugs alongside a reworked HUD. Statespace also fixed an audio issue where the initial game volume was too loud and fixed recoil patterns not popping up in the Workshop.

Aim Lab is a really helpful game if you are into shooters. It allows you to warm up and improve your aim without jumping online and getting steamrolled by more veteran players.

Aim Lab EB 0.52 Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes for Aim Lab Update below:

New Features

  • New redesigned HUD

Task Changes

  • Decisionshot - Now you will shoot the center orb and remember its color, 2 orbs of different colors will show up in different locations, shoot the one that matches the center orb you just shot.
  • Rocketshot - Now spawns 4 enemies and will always keep 4 on screen, scoring balance changes, score penalty for getting hit by enemies (only bots in view shoot rockets), rockets now travel slower, new explosions and rocket effects, new AI behaviour tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused 3rd person tracking to be off center
  • Fixed Spidershot AI is always being set to highest speed
  • Removed Spherebox from Snipershot
  • Spidershot 180 was labeled as Spidershot in its task card
  • Spheretrack and Motion track were mislabeled in playlists and had improper videos
  • Spidershot like task descriptions mentioned losing health which hasn't been a mechanic in these modes for a long time
  • Fixed text error in Audiospatial description
  • Fixed Audiodetection task to work correctly
  • Fixed starting volume to be lower to preserve your ears
  • Fixed bug in Capacity that caused targets to spawn behind/inside each other
  • Fixed bug with leaning that caused you to get stuck leaning to one side
  • Fixed bug that caused recoil patterns to not show up when sorting in Workshop

So, what are your thoughts on Aim Lab’s new update? Are you happy with the bug fixes? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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