Konami's Action Platformer Skelattack Is Now Available For PC And Consoles

A rather surprising and lighthearted release from the Japanese company.
Konami has released Skelattack, an action platformer for consoles and PC.
Konami has released Skelattack, an action platformer for consoles and PC. Konami

Publisher Konami and developer Ukuza have just announced the release of their action-adventure platformer Skelattack for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game retails for $19.99.

Skelattack flips the whole narrative of the “living versus the dead” on its head by introducing Skully, an undead skeleton, as the game’s unlikely hero. Skelattack is set in the Underworld, a vast and magical realm inhabited by unique, charming, and sometimes deadly inhabitants of the afterlife. The Underworld also houses the Aftervale (think of The Good Place) which is a happy hub where the dead come to spend eternity and come to terms during their time alive in a ritual called the Remembrance.

Skelattack's plot is moved forward when Skully’s Remembrance Day is disrupted by an invasion from the land of the living above. This was not the first disturbance from the human kingdom, but instead of loot and treasure that the living usually seek, they are now aiming to kidnap the Aftervale’s elder skeleton, Elzedon, who is the key to the magic that keeps the spirits of the dead “alive”. This magic, called the Blue Flame, is the only thing that keeps the Aftervale alive. If it’s gone, then the figurative “life after death” in the Aftervale would no longer exist. It’s up to Skully and his bat friend Imber to save the Underworld from this human invasion, protect the Blue Flame, and keep the afterlife alive.

Skelattack employs a Nightmare Before Christmas-esque art style while players hack and slash through both living and dead enemies. Classic platforming mechanics such as environmental hazards (which is the game’s main threat) and a variety of movement abilities are present in the game (such as double and triple jumps, slides, wall jumps, and more; some with the help of your pet Imber). Players can also upgrade their weapons and gain magical abilities by defeating certain enemies or finding certain upgrades.

Skelattack is a breath of fresh air from the well-known publisher Konami, providing its own unique flair and charm to the platforming genre with indie vibes all over. The game is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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