Knockout City Now Available: What Features are Included

Ready for a new kind of action?
Ready for a new kind of action? Velan Studios

Knockout City is finally available on various platforms. The game has players take part in what can be described as dodgeball-inspired action. If you’re one of those interested, there’s a free trial offered until May 30.

Indeed, the game offers the excitement of dodgeball along with absurdity and humor. In Knockout City, players brawl on a map with interactive elements. There’s a total of five multiplayer maps to choose from and six unique ball types.

You play the game on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. It’s also offered for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Making things even better is the crossplay and cross-progression features. These mean players can team up with friends to form a Crew and switch platforms without any fear of losing any progress made.

The game allows players to customize both characters and crews with hundreds of cosmetic items including outfits, hairstyles, gliders, taunts, and even KO effects, along with progression levels.

Velan Studios CEO Karthik Bala revealed in a post that the game offers a new team-based multiplayer experience. He added that with the action-packed gameplay, players get the chance to show off their skills and styles. Bala went on to say that they worked hard to offer an exciting and challenging game and they’re excited to see how players master the different techniques.

In addition to the features available during launch, new content will be offered each season and they are for free. Season 1 starts tomorrow, May 25, and challenges players to unlock rewards through Crew Contracts.

Knockout City is available at $19.99 and those who buy between May 21 and May 30 get instant access to various rewards like an outfit, hairstyle, glasses, glider, intro pose, KO effect, player icons, and the 500 Holobux. There’s also a Deluxe Edition, priced at $29.99, and not only comes with the base game and the rewards mentioned but also all Deluxe cosmetics and an extra 1,000 Holobux.

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