Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Patch 1.1.0 Resolves Issues with AI and Improves Battles

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Steam

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a grand strategy game where you play as a king wrestling over control of Europe. You have over 200 kingdoms to choose from, which include those across Europe, North Africa, and some parts of Asia. Make peaceful relations with other kingdoms through diplomacy or you can ease your way into conquering other places by sending spies to instigate rebellions or provoke war.

Developer Black Sea Games launched Patch 1.1.0 not long ago. This update brought plenty of improvements and bug fixes, specifically those that address problems with the AI. For instance, the issue where the AI army would just stand by and not assist you in battle has been resolved.

Tactical battles in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign received some notable tweaks as well. Your troops will now choose enemies that perfectly suit their purpose. Cavalry units, for example, are likely to chase down archers that are running away.

Additionally, certain actions such as “Spy murder” and “Hunting Incident” now get canceled when the intended target is imprisoned for some reason.


  • Improved the way the Papacy assigns cardinals, fixing an issue where no cardinals were left in late-game scenarios. Papal states should now aim to have at least two cardinals in its court and consider lower-level clerics, when no others are available.
  • There is now a guaranteed period (of around 10 minutes) at the start of each new king’s rule, during which he may not get married automatically.
  • Added a relationship penalty when breaking royal ties with a kingdom (through audience).
  • “Claim caliphate” is now unavailable for vassalized kingdoms.
  • Tweaked the AI behavior of army leaders, making them less aggressive when winning decisively.
  • Army leader squads retreat chance is now equal on all difficulty levels. Likeliness of retreat is increased when they are low on health.
  • Fleeing squads now find a safer spot to retreat.
  • Reduced cost of “Village Militia” upgrades “Training Grounds” and “Town Watch,” as well as “Rituals” upgrade in “Shrines.”
  • “Training Grounds” now produces Levies in town
  • “Town Watch” now increases Siege Defense in town
  • Health bars in tactical battles now take into account the maximum manpower of squads, not the manpower they have upon starting a battle.
  • Added information about how much a merchant is gaining from their trade in the trade expedition preparation tooltip.
  • Diplomacy responses tweaked, so AI kingdoms state reasons for accepting and denying peace offers/demands more often.
Armies and Battles
  • The AI in world view should now properly consider its squads’ health, when determining if its armies are weak or not.
  • Fixes to army AI in world view, causing them to return to their town quickly after exiting it (caused by incorrectly calculating threats in the province).
  • Bonuses to squad defense from siege defense are now only added in simulated siege/assault.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Patch 1.1.0 is available on PC.

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