Kirby and the Forgotten Land Launching March 25 on Nintendo Switch

Kirby goes on a new adventure.
Kirby goes on a new adventure. Nintendo

The cute hero is here once again with a new game in his name. In the 3D platforming adventure Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Kirby has new abilities for everyone to try out. This game is launching on March 25 on Nintendo Switch.

What's the game about? We know that Kirby always had this flair for inhaling stuff. He arrives in an unknown land and learns that the Waddle Dees are being kidnapped by the Beast Pack. To rescue these Waddle Dees, he heads out on a journey and along the way meets the curious Elfilin. If you're intrigued at this point, you can watch the trailer below:

In the game, players get the chance to use Kirby's different abilities to move in 3D environments and battle enemies. The game world is one where nature and past civilization are combined to areas with platforming challenges. Once players decide to free the Waddle Dees, which are held captive at the goal point at the end of each stage, there's no doubt that they're going to explore each nook and cranny to rescue as many Waddle Dees as they can.

Rescuing the Waddle Dees won't be an easy task since the Beast Pack are sure to give players a challenge. Not to worry since, in addition to Kirby's iconic copy abilities, he also has new ones to boast about. There's the Drill copy ability where he goes underground and attacks enemies from below to deal a massive blow. The Ranger copy ability allows Kirby to set his sights on enemies, even when they are far away.

In addition, players won't have to take on the adventure alone. They can invite friends or family and have them join as the second player in the role of Bandana Waddle Dee. This Waddle Dee can do different attacks using his spear.

Another feature of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the central hub of the adventure called Waddle Dee Town. What happens is that the more Waddle Dees are rescued, the more this town develops. There will be different shops opening that players are sure to love.

Are you ready to help Kirby?

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