Seven Pirates H Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Some good news.
Some good news. EastAsiaSoft

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is finally making its way to US shores. It's going to be titled Seven Pirates H, launching on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022. This version will arrive with all the prior DLC from the original Japan-only PS Vita release. It also has English and Traditional Chinese localization. The game release outside of Japan was made possible by EastAsiaSoft in partnership with Idea Factory.

Pre-orders for the physical editions of Seven Pirates H are open starting January 13. Standard copies are available at $39.99. There are also Limited Editions offered at $59.99, though only 4,000 copies are available.

So what's the game about? It follows the story of female characters as they go on a quest to look for the seven "treasures." No male characters will appear in the game. The seven main characters are:

  • Parute Kairi
    • A human girl and the game's primary protagonist.
    • She unexpectedly washes ashore on the Monsupi Sea.
    • She is bright, positive, and uses the situation to search for treasure.
  • Waffle
    • A kobold monster girl treasure hunting in the Monsupi Sea.
    • Mischievous and likes having fun, her nose comes in handy when searching for treasure.
  • Jewel
    • A slime pirate monster girl who has her own ship on the Monsupi Sea.
  • Claret
    • A Kraken pirate monster girl who attacked a ship after bumping into it while drifting about on the sea.
  • Sakyura
    • A demon-looking monster girl who lays waste to pirate ships for the sake of being bad.
    • She uses charming attacks as she's confident of her sex appeal.
  • Poron
    • A skeleton monster girl living abroad on a ghost ship.
    • A shut-in on a haunted ship, she is quiet although also naive in selfishness.
  • Rindo
    • A dragon monster girl and captain of pirates.
    • She has confidence in her skills and finds most things bothersome.
    • She prefers to settle disputes by fighting rather than talking.

Like the other games in the series, there's fanservice content, particularly on the bosoms of the characters. The game has what's known as the "Chest Growth" system. It has the chest of the girls grow or shrink when players "pinch, grab, and poke" them. There are actually game mechanics involved with larger breasts having higher attack power and defense, and smaller busts giving higher speed.

Just in case you’re wondering, there’s no plan for a PC version for now. That said, what are your thoughts on this game?

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