King's Bounty II: Patch 2 Implements Various Quality of Life Improvements

King's Bounty II Patch 2
King's Bounty II Patch 2 Steam

The developers of King’s Bounty II have launched Patch 2 on PC, with the console version coming soon. This patch implemented various quality-of-life improvements and gameplay changes.

One of the most notable features is that items are now equipped automatically if your hero has empty slots for those items. New loading screens have also been added, which shows your exact location. No more guessing where you are in the world of Nostria!

For gameplay changes, wounded soldiers can no longer be killed off. Moreover, any wounded creature can now be fully healed once the battle is over.

The Triumph skill has been reworked as well. First, it now deals damage to an enemy unit. Second, if one of your units kills an enemy using Triumph, that unit gets a second turn and will have all of its skills recharged. If the enemy survives, they will be under the effect of Magic Shackles for two turns.


  • Difficulty levels. Players can choose between 3 options: Easy, Normal, Hard. Experience new battles and an economic system like never before
  • Added display of new items in the inventory. New items are marked with asterisks until the player checks them
  • Added maps of dungeons and hidden locations, including The Beyond and other arenas
  • Spell scrolls now display the school of magic for that spell
  • The Talent display now shows the hero's gold
  • Each hero now has a different set of items collected from Quartermaster Aestanin in Crucis
  • Improved the battle bottom panel. Fixed an issue that could cause players not immediately to push the correct icon in the bottom bar
  • Changed the progression of parameters for all heroes
  • Changed the balance of spells
  • Changed the balance of enemy heroes
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Changed the balance of the economic system
  • Added FX effects to Magic Rare Weapons in Adventure Mode
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong work of the Stasis spell and effect. A unit under the Stasis effect cannot be affected by negative effects, as intended
  • Improved the calculation of the starting strength of the enemy army to display the difficulty of battles more accurately
  • Fixed an issue with The Beauty And The Beasts quest even after starting The Ritual quest
  • Fixed an issue with wrong awarded Ideal points in the quest The Beauty And the Beast
  • Fixed an issue with the impossibility of completing A Tough Nut quest if the player picks up the chest without talking to Vincent first
  • Increased save slots limit on PC

King’s Bounty II Patch 2 is currently available on PC.

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