‘Kingkiller Chronicle’ Series: Soon You Can Play Tak While Waiting For Rothfuss To Finish Book 3, New Temerant Lore Coming

Tak is played throughout the Four Corners of Civilization in 'The Kingkiller Chronicle.' Patrick Rothfuss

Author Patrick Rothfuss and Cheapass Games are working together to adapt Tak to our world. The strategy game Tak is a barroom staple in Temerant, the world of Rothfuss’ series The Kingkiller Chronicle.

Kvothe describes the game in The Kingkiller Chronicle as “the best sort of game: simple in its rules, complex in its strategy.” Of course, at that point no one in existence knew the rules. Now game designer James Ernest has taken a crack at it.

Ever since the release of the first book in the series, The Name of the Wind, fans have been ravenous for more of Kvothe’s adventures in The University and distant lands beyond. It’s now been more than five years since the release of Book 2, The Wise Man’s Fear and readers are rabid for Book 3, The Doors of Stone.

While the release date for The Doors of Stone is likely a ways off, the new Tak game should make the wait a little easier, especially since the game comes with a companion book with new Temerant lore.

In his post announcing the Tak Kickstarter, Rothfuss called the game “more elegant than chess” and “more enjoyable than Go.” Although he had been originally skeptical of the project, Ernest’s prototype blew him away.

The rules of Tak are simple. Two players try and build a “road” of contiguous pieces across the square game board. The full rules are available for free online.

Aside from its association with The Kingkiller Chronicle, one of the coolest things about Tak is that its origins as the pub game of a fantasy kingdom informs its design. From the crossroads inn to the beer halls of Imre, everyone has their own Tak boards. Accordingly, the Kickstarter has a number of different Tak designs at different pledge tiers, from a board printed on a bandanna all the way up to the Wyrmwood designed “Devi’s Box.”

Tak may not move up the release date for The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3, but it sounds like a nice way to pass the time.

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