Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 Release Date Drama: Could Rothfuss Face GRRM Dilemma With "Name Of The Wind" TV Show and Movie?

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The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 will not be released in 2015. DAW Books

Big things are afoot for fans of Patrick Rothfuss and his The Kingkiller Chronicle novels. Unfortunately, none of those things are “Patrick Rothfuss tells us when we can finally read Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 The Doors of Stone.” Instead The Kingkiller Chronicle fans now have a Name of the Wind movie, TV series and video game to anticipate, providing all new release dates to stress over. As you could have probably guessed, mainstream outlets like Forbes and Variety are comparing the upcoming adaptation of The Kingkiller Chronicle to—what else—Game of Thrones. However, Rothfuss readers who have experienced Kvothe’s adventures in The Name of The Wind or The Wise Man’s Fear know The Kingkiller Chronicle is a very different animal from GRRM’s sprawling Game of Thrones universe. However, there is one dilemma The Kingkiller Chronicle’s Patrick Rothfuss might soon share with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin: keeping up with the multimedia monster he’s created.

Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 Release Date: Can The Wait Get Even Longer?


Unlike GRRM, who is still two books away from the end of his A Song of Ice and Fire series even as Game of Thrones enters its sixth season, Patrick Rothfuss only has one book left in his Kingkiller Chronicle series. While Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 The Doors of Stone may well still be a ways off from its release date, it seems impossible to not have it finished before a The Name of The Wind movie or a Kingkiller Chronicle TV show hits our screens. 

But does anyone really think The Doors of Stone will be our last dive into the world of Temerant? While the Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 release date may well prove the end of Kvothe’s story, it seems certain that the TV and cinematic future of The Kingkiller Chronicle will rely on future stories, novellas, and novels.


The in-development Kingkiller Chronicle movie and TV series is sure to suck up a great deal of Rothfuss’ time, potentially pushing back the long-awaited Book 3 The Doors of Stone, but more likely ensuring that the release of future novels from Rothfuss will slow to a GRRM-like trickle.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Patrick Rothfuss getting heavily involved in a The Name of the Wind movie or a Kingkiller Chronicle TV series could ensure we wind up with well thought-out fantasy storytelling instead of Seventh Son. And indeed Rothfuss has promised that he’ll be working closely to ensure his vision of The Kingkiller Chronicle makes it to screens intact:

Now I know some of you will be reading this news with fear in your hearts. You’ll worry about them screwing it up. I understand. I know you love these books.

But hear me when I say this: You cannot love these books more than I do. You can’t care about them more than I do. I’ve put twenty years of my life into them. They ride next to my heart. They are my tangible soul.

And I’m not stupid. I hope by this point you know me well enough that you can trust me not to rush into… well… anything. If I cut a deal like this, it’s only because I really think there’s a chance for us to make something beautiful.”


There is no cause for despair in the announcement that Patrick Rothfuss will be involved in upcoming TV, movie, and video game adaptations of The Kingskiller Chronicle with Lionsgate. But it may prove the moment when we all realized we’re goign to be waiting a lot longer between Patrick Rothfuss novels.

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