Kingdoms Update 0.771 Brings Marriage Proposals to the Game

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Kingdoms’ latest update is here and it brings what was previously promised. Patch 0.771 lets players ask others for marriage, but there are certain conditions they have to meet first. You will need at least 50 relationship points to propose. You can’t ask for marriage if you are already married. You can choose to live in an AI house, assuming it’s finished. If the player is a noble, then their partner will become a noble, and vice versa. Relationship points with the partner will decrease if players flirt with someone else.

The patch once again improved the Russian translation in the game. We have mentioned the rest of the important changes below.

  • Now the player can make marriage proposals
  • To make a proposal player should have at least 50 relationship points
  • Player can't make a marriage proposal if he already has a family
  • Players family can move to AI house (if finished)
  • Players family can move to last build players living house (if finished)
  • Married settler can move to new settlement, depends where last players house was set
  • If player's family moves to player's house, settlers change settlement to those, where house belongs to
  • If player is a noble, couple will also become a noble
  • If couple is a noble, player will also become a noble
  • Couple will get players title if having lower title previously
  • If player is flirting with someone when having a family, relationship and friendship with partner will decrease
  • Fixed issue when players title wasn't visible in the inventory menu
  • Fixed issue when perk description font on character creation page wasn't fully visible for some perks
  • Logs physics was tweaked a bit - now after 6-sec log will stop - that should help in cases when the tree was cut on the hill
  • Russian translation was updated

The patch notes are available on the official site as well.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Are there any other bugs that you want the developer to fix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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