Kingdoms Update 0.581 Improves Farmer’s AI And Fixes Broken Saves

Kingdoms update
Kingdoms update steam

The procedural medieval role-playing game Kingdoms by Oreal received a small, yet important update yesterday. The update 0.581 mainly focuses on improving the farmers’ AI. Now, they will be able to sell different kinds of vegetables and not predefined ones. The update also increased the number of farmers in the game. Several save issues that first started happening after the last update were also fixed. A new “Bring azalea for council” quest has been added and the game’s performance is slightly improved.

Developers also promised that the next update will focus on changes that were previously promised, like war mechanics.



  • Fixed saves issue, that could appear after 0.573 update in case player declared wars to other kingdoms;
  • Fixed issue when wooden tavern was unable to be build;
  • Fixed issue when player received "no pickaxe in hand" message even if pickaxe was equipped and activated;
  • Fixed issue when farmer didn't travel to nearest city to sell goods there;
  • Amount of farmers on the map was increased a bit;
  • Now all farmers can build a windmill on their farm;
  • Now farmers can grow and sell all kind of vegetables on their farm, not only specific ones;
  • Now farmers can use their gardens properly by putting seeds there;
  • Fixed issue when farmers didn't sell their good to taverns;
  • Quest "Bring light iron boots for ambassador" was added;
  • Some fixes were made for "Bring azalea for council" quest;
  • Fixed issue when AI could stuck in front of tavern entrance without doing any actions;
  • LOD calculations for vegetables in gardens were changed in order to increase performance;
  • Now player can't use gardens and windmills owned by AI;
  • Fixed issue when AI could buy something in store without physically going there;
  • Fixed issue when settlements that were declared as war targets weren't saved properly;

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Did you encounter any save issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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