Kingdom Wars 4: Update 1.7 Fixes Exploits Involving Personal Time

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Kingdom Wars 4, also known as The Plague: Kingdom Wars, has received Update 1.7 that implemented some needed changes and bug fixes.

Kingdom Wars 4 is a grand strategy game where you play as one of the 200 minor lords. Build your army to conquer lands using diplomacy or pure military might, all while making sure that your kingdom is not affected by the Black Death.

Anyway, one of the most notable things in Update 1.7 is that developers addressed the issues involving personal time. Personal time is the length of time that you spend inside your towns to build them up. That said, some exploits were found that allowed people to accumulate way too many resources, making them unstoppable in the campaign mode. These exploits are no longer possible following this patch.

Another significant change worth mentioning is that looting and razing lower-level towns now give significantly more resources than before. Because of this, looting and razing are now viable strategies to use in the early game.


  • Balanced out all aspects of using personal time in the early and late game
  • Campaign difficulty has increased quite a bit, especially for hard game mode in all regards
  • Silver Income is now 40% slower in the campaign in all game campaign modes, and faster in Skirmish and PvP
  • Personal time accumulates a good deal slower each month
  • Silver and Stone Mine buildings upset the town population a lot more time
  • Fully mining towns will result in an extremely upset town that players can't even enter
  • Especially applies to silver mines
  • Upgrading to higher tier silver and stone buildings makes a lot more sense now, as they upset the population just a bit more
  • Various improvements to how AI moves units on the battlefields and on the defense map
  • Campaign AI improved how it sends armies from smaller and larger nations
  • Finalized how armies and navies look on the world map
  • Armies are much easier to see and select on the world map
  • Improvements to performance on the world map when a lot of armies are around
  • Cavalry now take a lot less damage when running over units
  • Cavalry is now a lot more useful for hit and run attacks
  • Greatly increased the cost of upgrading towns with palisades and stone walls
  • Upgrading and defending towns is a lot more challenging with higher costs
  • Looting and razing towns gives more resources
  • Livestock animals now generate a bit less food and silver in all game modes

Kingdom Wars 4 Update 1.7 is available on PC.

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