Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] Introduces Keyblade War Story Event

New event introduced.
New event introduced. Square Enix

It’s time to experience history unfold as Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] introduced the Keyblade War Story Event. This is the first part of the story arc that was in the original Kingdom Hearts X browser game. The event is already available in-game.

With the update players get to enjoy a wide range of celebratory content that commemorates the four-year anniversary of the game’s Japanese version. Square Enix also announced that subsequent updates are going to be released that complete the story arc. The first update is expected to be released at the end of this month, and the second sometime in early October.

Details of the new content include:

  • Keyblade War
    • ​Relive the Great Keyblade War from the original web browser game with this story event.
    • Players are going to find themselves drawn into a conflict between the Five Foretellers, who are tasked with protecting the light of the world.
    • Uncover the truth behind the great conflict, which led to the destruction of the previous worldline and led to the disappearance of the Foretellers.
    • Find out how this affects the rest of the Kingdom Hearts world.
  • Jewels Giveaway
    • ​A variety of other celebratory content are in progress to commemorate the fourth year anniversary of the game’s Japanese version.
    • Beginning on September 3 until September 30, players receive up to 14,444 Jewels just by logging into the game during the event period.
    • Jewels are considered a valuable in-game currency and you might want to take advantage of these giveaways.
  • Daybreak Town Hall of Fame
    • In addition to the login bonus is the Daybreak Town Hall of Fame, where the top ten players who meet particular criteria based on their in-game contributions are picked to receive a special mystery prize.
    • The criteria can include the number of enemies defeated or the amount of avatar coins collected.
    • Specific details on the criteria and the prizes are available in-game.

Other commemorative event updates include the Hades cup, Blimp Chirithy in Union Cross, and the return of Event Coins Galore.

Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] is available as a free-to-play app through Google Play and the App Store.

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