Kingdom Hearts 3 May Have Playable Riku & Fantasia World...Maybe?

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The Astro Blaster Attraction Flow was a cool D23 reveal, but we’d like to see new gameplay reveals that aren’t as combat-focused.
The Astro Blaster Attraction Flow was a cool D23 reveal, but we’d like to see new gameplay reveals that aren’t as combat-focused. Square Enix/Disney

Fresh Kingdom Hearts 3 speculation has arrived, via a new report published in Official PlayStation Magazine U.K. earlier this month and scanned by KH13. The publication mentions playable Riku and a Fantasia-based world, despite neither of those details being officially revealed.

Here’s the exact quote:

“The latest game in the Disney-meets-Final-Fantasy mash up series is split between two perspectives of best buds Sora and Riku. You will meet a host of new characters whose help you’ll need to stop the evil Master Xehanort from bringing about another Keyblade war. Familiar faces and places return, but there are new worlds to visit inspired by Toy Story, Fantasia and Tangled.”

While the magazine is generally a solid source for information, we’d be surprised if this information was anything more than a misprint. After all, if Square Enix had previously unknown Kingdom Hearts 3 news to share, it wouldn’t be revealed in a tiny blurb next to Yakuza 6 and the Secret Of Mana remake.

It’s possible these details have leaked ahead of official announcements at D23 Japan next month, but we have a few alternate theories to explain these strange remarks. One is that the author of this piece may be erroneously mixing Kingdom Hearts 3 details with those from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Not only does the number three appear in both titles, but Dream Drop Distance also released on PS4 in late 2016. It splits perspectives between Sora and Riku, and it features a playable Fantasia-themed world.

The author might also be making assumptions based on the end sequence of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that features Sora and Riku meeting with Fantasia wizard Yen Sid in his Mysterious Castle. During the brief encounter, the two friends are sent off to complete separate missions. The Mysterious Castle may be erroneously classified as a Fantasia world even though it’s not featured in the film.

Still, not all of the details here are false. Speaking to IGN at D23 back in July, game Director Tetsuya Nomura did say “there is an intention of adding a playable character aside from Sora.” The major difference is, Nomura never said Riku would occupy that role.

If Kingdom Hearts history is any indication, numbered franchise entries generally focus on Sora throughout. However, Kingdom Hearts 2 began with an intro section featuring Roxas. Recent rumors suggest Kingdom Hearts 3 starts during the conversation between young Xehanort and Eraqus shown in the game’s E3 2015 trailer. It’s then that we’ll allegedly take brief control of Eraqus before jumping to Sora in the present day.

It’s not unthinkable for articles like this, with small blurbs about several games, to be penned by a single author not familiar with every single series being covered. We’ll have a better idea of how to gauge this statement when the final game releases. Just in case it winds up being correct, though, at least we told you about it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated to release in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Do you think Riku will be playable in Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you want to see Fantasia on the world roster? Tell us in the comments section!

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