The King of Fighters XV: Awakened Orochi DLC Coming This August

Prepare for a new team.
Prepare for a new team. SNK

Team Awakened Orochi is debuting in The King of Fighters XV this August. It features Orochi Shermie, Orochi Yashiro, and Orochi Chris, all joining the battle. These three first appeared in King of Fighters ’97 where they worked in the shadows in an attempt to revive Orochi.

Team Awakened Orochi is the fourth DLC to be introduced this year after Team Garou, Omega Rugal, and Team South Town. A total of 12 DLC character sets are planned for release this year.

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For those who can’t wait until August, there’s another way to try out the Awakened Orochi team via King of Fighter ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition. This game is now available digitally on PlayStation 4.

KOF ’98 UM FE is a fully tuned-up version of King of Fighter '98, one of the most popular games in the franchise. The new version features a new Ultimate Mode system, balancing adjustments, and new game modes, such as Challenge Mode and Practice Mode.

The game also has online lobbies for up to nine players, a spectator mode, and overhauled online functions. The overhaul introduced a replay function for battles and settings for matchmaking conditions.


The King of Fighters XV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Like other games in the franchise, the game uses a fighting system that involves teams having three fighters. One feature that returns in this title is the Parry System which has been named Shatter Strike. While this was designed to serve as a defensive system, it can be used offensively, especially when using guard points.

It also comes with the standard Max Mode system, where fighters can utilize stronger techniques when their energy bars become filled. Other features include Ranked Match, Casual Match, Room Match, and Online Training.

Since its release, The King of Fighters XV has been praised for its smooth online performance, team-based gameplay, and character roster. Learn more about the game here.

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